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 Colt 30rd magazines marked 62667
thomas41  [Member]
9/11/2009 1:41:19 PM EDT
Anyone have any info on Colt 30 rd magazines marked with part number 62667 and dark green follower marked 62665A. I have been told they are Colt mfg in 1968. Others say Okay mfg but I cannot find any Okay mfg mark inside magazine and was told all Okay mfg for Colt have markings inside magazine. Did Colt ever make their own magazines at any time??
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Hal143  [Member]
9/11/2009 1:54:16 PM EDT
These are early Colt manufactured mags, pre mass production 30 rounders.

[2-2-1-1] Early Colt 30-round Mags
Army and late Air Force contract mags. The first Colt 30-round mags had dark green, hard-plastic followers with Colt part number 62665A stamped in white on the follower and part number 62667 stamped on the side of the body. These followers did *not* have the lengthened front "anti-tilt" leg that later green followers have. These mags are rare and collectable, though considered unreliable by some. Made from 1967-1969. Floorplates stamped:

(Pony) COLT AR-15
CAL. 5.56 MM
m1sniper  [Member]
9/11/2009 2:08:25 PM EDT
+ 1 for above. Here is a good refernce site.
MarkRSims  [Member]
9/11/2009 2:23:16 PM EDT
Or here:
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yankee-V  [Team Member]
9/11/2009 7:23:39 PM EDT
There's a couple of them for sale over on GB. Obligatory "Not Mine".

Kind of steep for a couple old 30 rounders. They are not that rare yet in my opinion.

ranchhand  [Member]
9/12/2009 5:06:22 AM EDT
I believe that UI made all the early Colt mags.

Okay made the later ones.

These mags are just tlike the others with updated followers, I don't think I'd shoot with nice original ones though.
Model_One  [Team Member]
9/12/2009 8:18:08 PM EDT
I picked one up at a gun show in Denver the last weekend in August, paid about $40 for it.
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