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 Good sling for the AR-15 pistol?
UncleBrady  [Member]
12/31/2007 7:48:45 AM EDT
Just curious what slings people have been using for their AR-15 pistols?

I have a longer buffer tube I purchased from FTFindustries, and the metal piece that goes between the lower assy and the buffer tube is what I'm guessing the rear of a sling would hook on to... The pictures below shows what I have...

Can anyone recommend a sling for use with this? Thanks!
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figgy1682  [Member]
1/1/2008 9:40:24 PM EDT
do a google search for a single point sling, i dont currently have a sling on my pistol but i asked the same question almost a year ago and didnt get a response. good luck to you sir in your search.
roguetrader  [Team Member]
1/2/2008 12:59:14 PM EDT
Most people use a single point sling

Now with what you have you could go with a HK snap or a web-stub disconnect

A good idae would be to get some spare 1"+ wide webbing and play around with diffrent type sling set-ups ( look at photo threads) and then either make your own or buy the type that is the most similar to what you found worked

Colt_sporter  [Team Member]
1/2/2008 2:22:40 PM EDT
I don't have a AR pistol anymore, but I do like my new Black Water single point sling I have on my M4. I bought it brand new from a guy on here for under 20 bucks in the EE. Easy to adjust, and decent comfort--mostly because of all the crap I have hanging off the gun.
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easy610  [Team Member]
1/3/2008 6:43:00 AM EDT
Will you have a forward sling mounting point? Do you have rails fore end?

Mounting point like this?

If so I'd go with a two point sling (VTac is very good=adjustable

But you gotta buy the clips...

or the Blackhawk=comes with appropriate clips.)

If you have two mounting points you can use either as a two point sling or a single point sling (clip both ends to the same receiver plate loop.) I like the versatility of the 2-point to 1 point option. Two point is much better for back carry or over the shoulder carry, while single point is fat for CQB and switching from either side shoulder very quickly.

Down side of single point is you can get the groin slap while "letting it hang"...and transitioning....

If you do not have two mounting points, any of the listed single point slings will work fine....I've carried/fielded several style single point slings (MP5) and found them all to be OK for what they are designed for....still prefer the 2 point....

Anyway my .02$


PS. My current AR pistol set-up...

Can easily and quickly be changed into a single point...but I got rails...
rover15  [Member]
1/3/2008 6:44:33 PM EDT
I have used and have on order another single point MOUT sling by Spectergear for my 300 pistol.

Stumps  [Team Member]
1/4/2008 11:55:09 PM EDT
I use a troy single point.
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