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 DPMS LR-308 Trigger
bluewater  [Member]
6/25/2005 5:05:03 AM EDT
Has anyone worked on or replaced the trigger on their LR-308?

Will the Chip McCormick drop-in trigger assembly fit?

Is the stock trigger a single stage or a 2 stage trigger?

Thanks for your help!
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sgtscott  [Member]
6/25/2005 5:30:20 AM EDT
chip mackormic will work, it is what I used, i would suggest a rock river 2 stage, much better and cheeper
greaper  [Member]
6/25/2005 2:36:41 PM EDT
I am using a Jewel 2 stage in mine. Seems to be working well so far. Someone else on the site is using a Jewell 2 stage with great results in his LR-308 and has a lot more rounds thru his than I currently have. $175 Bruno Shooters Supply.
The stock trigger is a single stage AR15 trigger with at least 8 lbs of pull.
John11167  [Team Member]
6/26/2005 7:37:03 PM EDT
I have a RRA two stage in mine and it works great.

Smooth and clean, no creep.

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bluebeemer  [Team Member]
6/26/2005 8:54:02 PM EDT
The LR 308 will take any AR-15 trigger except maybe the Jard. The Jard I had was too long and hit the trigger guard. For my two stage AR triggers I only use the RRA. Reasonably priced, reliable, and reasonably priced. It has worked well in my LR 308.
John11167  [Team Member]
6/28/2005 4:15:14 PM EDT
Correct Bluebeamer..

DPMS has this warning on their website on the .308LR splash screen with specs.

I almost bought one myself before I read that.

I have the RRA two stage..
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