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 Bullet Diameter for reloading .50 Beowulf?
Lion_Dog  [Team Member]
3/4/2005 7:00:37 PM EDT
I'm thinking of reloading for the .50 Beowulf, what bullet diameter am I looking for??? .499, .500 ???


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gotm4  [Team Member]
3/4/2005 7:01:37 PM EDT
.50 cal pistol bullets. Same as used in the .500 S&W and .50 AE and I think the .50 GI pistol.

I've used only Speer 325gr JHP in my reloads. I want to get some 400gr ones to try out as well.
Big-Bore  [Team Member]
3/5/2005 7:50:57 AM EDT
.500 is what you want to use.
Lion_Dog  [Team Member]
3/5/2005 4:54:03 PM EDT
Thanks guys- pistol bullet, no wonder some - 334 HP "fragment".
unimog  [Team Member]
3/6/2005 11:57:31 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Lion_Dog:
Thanks guys- pistol bullet, no wonder some - 334 HP "fragment".

If you are looking for some .500 cal "frangible" bullets (300 gr. round nose) for your Beowulf, try
Frangible . I've order from them with good service. I have only shot these indoors so far (my range is only 50 feet), so I can't tell you how accurate they are.
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