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 .17 Remington
six4sure  [Member]
10/29/2004 6:00:09 AM EDT
I’m looking to buy or build a new .17 Remington upper for my AR, but I haven’t found very many places that offer either complete upper or .17 Remington barrels. I’ve done several searches but only found one company (Accuracy Systems) that sells uppers and only a couple of other places that have barrels. Any help or links would be great.
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mr_wilson  [Team Member]
10/29/2004 6:19:06 AM EDT
No offense intended, but why, when the 223 round out-performs the 17 caliber in every respect except FPS, would you want to purchase an upper like this?

The round is difficult to reload, and dang expensive to buy.

The barrel life due to the (admittedly) incredible velocity out of standard length barrels is extremely short.

The range, when compared to the 223 is way less than 1/2.

And the bullet choice is limited.

Yes, I have experienced these 17 caliber features first hand, I teased my dad when he bought it, (Rem 700 17cal.) when he had to return it, cus the barrel was smoked and even when I cut a side-deal w/ the local gunshop salesman on a 200 round lot of Remington ammo at 10 bucks a box....

Just askin????

PS - he had that rifle converted to a Krieger barreled 223 and now takes extreme pleasure in dusting off crows at at ranges up to 600 yards and turns red everytime I remind him about the lack of enjoyment the 17 provided in comparison.....
six4sure  [Member]
10/29/2004 6:55:04 AM EDT
Those are valid questions. Surprisingly, because I want one, isn’t my answer. Right now my AR has an A2 upper and I hate it, so I want something with a flat top receiver. Normally, I’d consider trading it for what I want (flat top varmint rig), but I have a green label Colt, and I’m not going to get out of it what I have in it, so I might as well keep it and buy a new upper. I’m also planning on doing a fair amount of coyote hunting this fall and I want to use my AR. I plan on keeping the pelts from said dead coyotes. From a large amount of reading at various sites I agree with others that the .17 is the best tool for that job. With proper shot placement, it has a very small entrance wound, and hardly ever exits, but almost always kills. This does minimal damage to the fur, thus preserving the value, and that’s what I’m looking for.

Where I’ll be hunting I don’t need the range of the .223. I doubt I’ll have a shot over 150 yards, and that’s really pushing it. Most shots will be under 100 yards.
mr_wilson  [Team Member]
10/29/2004 7:17:51 AM EDT
I respect that...., fwiw tho a good lite-weight 40-45 grn. HP 223 round, while relatively cheap will probably accomplish the same......., food for thought.

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HardShell  [Team Member]
10/29/2004 7:19:41 AM EDT
Raygun  [Member]
10/29/2004 9:03:35 AM EDT
Tromix sells .17 Rem. uppers.
TonyRumore  [Member]
10/29/2004 10:47:09 AM EDT
If you want something that is screaming fast, I would go with the 20 Tactical if you reload, or a 204 Ruger if you don't. They both run faster than the 17 Rem with a bit more bullet weight. I shot literally hundreds of praire dogs earlier this year in South Dakota with most hit in the 450 yard range. I even tagged a couple out past 600, but it took a few shots to "range em".

HardShell  [Team Member]
11/4/2004 7:31:07 AM EDT
I know you are looking for a new upper or barrel, but FWIW I am now selling a used complete .17 upper - it's listed in EE. Already sold - sorry.
308panther  [Member]
11/4/2004 11:10:09 AM EDT

I think they might make somthing your looking for

Im really interested in the 204 ruger
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