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 Daniel Defense "Big hole" upper
cledford3  [Member]
12/28/2007 5:47:18 PM EDT
I've got a Sporter A2 and simply cannot stand the carry handle any longer. I can't afford a complete upper and even if I did would likely never use the A2 config after that. Therefore, I'm considering buying just the DD "big hole" upper an moving all of the parts (barrel etc.) over from the old unit. If you're wondering why i don't just use the offset pin conversion, I've seen numerous refernces to them breaking frequently and have even seen one report that one broke the front pivot hole on the lower - destroying it.

Anyhow, back to the DD - I called them and they said something VERY hinky - that some times the holes on the lower, upper or both need to "filed out with a round file." That sounds WAY out there and there is no why I'm buying an upper as costly as theirs just to hack it, my lower, or both up with a file.

Anyone with experience with the upper would be doing me a big favor giving me the low down.


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dcm223  [Team Member]
12/28/2007 6:20:27 PM EDT
Daniel Defense also makes a big hole upper for Colts
Daniel Defense Big Hole Flat Top Upper
cledford3  [Member]
12/28/2007 6:23:31 PM EDT
My mistake, I meant Daniel Defense - don't ask me how I got them mixed up - I'll edit thread...

cledford3  [Member]
12/31/2007 9:07:41 PM EDT
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halfmoonclip  [Member]
1/1/2008 6:46:14 AM EDT
There was a post here showing an A1 upper with the front part of the carry handle milled away, and a picatinny rail cut into the front of the upper.
The original rear sight was left in place like a BUIS, and I guess it was to cowitness with the optics. On short notice, I couldn't find the thread.
If you don't want to chance the offcenter adapters, you may just have to be patient 'till you can swap out the whole rifle for one with standard holes...If your Sporter is minty, there should be a market for it.
Keep in mind that, should you keep the Colt, anytime you get the itch for another upper, you'll be in the same jackpot.
garr  [Team Member]
1/1/2008 6:56:58 AM EDT

Originally Posted By cledford3:

I had one (Might still have, I have so much crap I'm not sure);
Yes I did have to file out the pin holes a bit to make it work. I purchased it used off the EE, It was finished in green duracoat & had to be rfinished anyway so it worked out.
PALADIN-hgwt  [Member]
1/1/2008 9:14:10 AM EDT
FWIW I waited months for a "Big Hole" upper, and when it arrived the upper would not close fully on either of my SP1 lowers. In my case I would have had to file the front pivot pin hole, and that was NOT going to happen. Returned it to DD with a photo of the problem, and eventually got a new replacemnt that fit perfectly without any filing needed.

You always have the option of shipping your lower to DD, and they will select or fit the upper for you. At any rate, it was well worth the wait and hassles. Also, my upper came with M4 ramps.

Daniel Defense "Big Hole" upper, DD 12.0 railed handguard, WOA "SPR" barrel, PRI folding front sight/gas block, 1982 Colt SP1 lower. with what I was investing in the build, the return postage was a minor expense compared to having a perfect build and NO filed holes.
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