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 Shrike contract - why does the deadline keep changing?
Master_Blaster  [Member]
1/12/2003 8:51:17 PM EDT
I recently looked up the Ares Defense website again to see if there were any updates (there were), & lo & behold, the deadline for the preorder purchase agreement was pushed back (for the 2nd time) to Jan 31, '03. What gives?
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fockewulf190  [Member]
1/12/2003 9:35:09 PM EDT
That is not for the first run of uppers, that deadline has passed. The new deadlines are for future production runs. SAR is running an article in their march issue and the prices will only go up from there. I'm in the first run and am happy with the progress and success of the project, can't wait for mine. Much like the magpul stock it takes time to develop a quality product. I've been waiting about 4 years for this puppy to materialize. Geoff Herring is not going to put out a crappy product. Spec Ops is seriously interested in this and if a government contract occurs it will take a back seat to civilian sales. If you don't like the price, don't buy one. Where else can you get a .223 beltfed in semi or full auto for that money? My .02 cents, John H.
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