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 Do the newer Stag uppers have M4 feed ramps??
Necritan  [Member]
11/9/2008 12:56:33 PM EDT
I am having a hard time finding out if the 2h model upper from Stag has M4 feed-ramps......if that good....and if not....does it matter??
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flounderV2  [Member]
11/9/2008 1:14:42 PM EDT
Pretty sure that stag does not have M4 feed ramps.. I just picked up a 2HT and it did not have them.
smrkdown  [Member]
11/9/2008 1:15:45 PM EDT
No M4 feed ramp. You may find certain types of ammo that won't feed well with a rifle feed ramp that would feed with an M4 feed ramp, but you'll probably never know the difference. If you have to have mil-spec, then it might matter to you, but for all practical (semi auto) purposes, it won't matter.
Necritan  [Member]
11/9/2008 8:14:03 PM EDT
Can a "qualified" gun-smith cut feedramps at a reasonable price??
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kevinb120  [Team Member]
11/9/2008 8:15:50 PM EDT
nope, the chamber isn't set up for it.

You DON'T need them.
budashoots  [Member]
11/9/2008 8:40:49 PM EDT
I have a Stag 2ht and it eats everything.
ViniVidivici  [Team Member]
11/9/2008 8:45:26 PM EDT
Originally Posted By kevinb120:
nope, the chamber isn't set up for it.

You DON'T need them.

I agree with this.
Another-Bill  [Team Member]
11/9/2008 9:00:00 PM EDT
Wants and Needs are two different things

You may want M4 ramps but you don't need M4 feed ramps.

Necritan  [Member]
11/9/2008 9:08:17 PM EDT
Well.....I certainly dont want them if in fact I dont need them.

I am going to get two more uppers anyhow......and one of them will be BCM.
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