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 How much is this worth?
under9  [Member]
7/29/2008 10:29:13 AM EDT
I have a bushmaster m4 type 14.5 with a pinned flash hider. It has 500 rounds through it. It has no straches or dings on it. I selling to get funds for LMT upper for my lower that I have. How much do you think I need to ask for it?
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Retic  [Member]
7/29/2008 10:31:36 AM EDT
I was offerd $200 for mine. (just the upper and it had no bayo lug)
under9  [Member]
7/29/2008 10:36:01 AM EDT
It is complete rifle with A3 with carrying handle and bayo lug.
cybrscream  [Member]
7/29/2008 11:22:06 AM EDT
I tried to sell a Bushmaster about six months ago and found that the gun was easier to sell in parts than whole. I think I sold my upper stripped for like 75, and my barrel assembly for 125. I kept the bcg/ch and had the carrier key restaked. The bolt was already upgraded with a black bumper and d-ring/o-ring. My new build runs awesome.

What do you want in the LMT that is going to be different than what you have now? If it's just the barrel, why not buy the barrel type you want by itself? I know MSTN sells LMT barrels by themselves.

Keep your Bushmaster BCG/Charging handle. Just have the gas key properly staked if necessary. I've had a bushmaster bcg/bolt in my upper now that's 5k+ rounds and it still hasn't had not so much as a hiccup.

I'm not a big bushmaster fan or anything, I just hate to see someone waste money if its not really going to benefit them.
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TheUD  [Member]
7/29/2008 8:51:01 PM EDT
There was a guy asking here earlier about basically the same rifle but a 16 incher that he was eyeing for $900 something. Maybe you'd want to find his thread and see how much it's worth to him if he's interested.

I'd say $700ish.
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