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 s&w m&p 15 serial nr`s and dates
ggoodman  [Member]
5/2/2008 9:11:34 PM EDT
i have been following posts re the m&p 15`s. i picked one up the end of march. i note that serial numbers in the different posts are all over the place. mine is 600xx. no mag problems. there is a small red round sticker with 1/08 on the box my rifle came in.SO my question is can the m&p owners post s/n and date if it`s posted on the box along with purchase date. enquiring minds want to know.
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TexAg08  [Member]
5/2/2008 10:00:59 PM EDT
My buddy has a 088XXX serial number and he just sent his back to Smith. It was having failure to extract's, failure to ejects, and short stroking. I recommend try PMAGS instead of the crappy GI's that he had. Didn't solve the problem. Then recommended various types of ammo including, wolf, Black Hills (reman and new), LC M855, and winchester. All ammo caused the same problems. Recommend he cleans it (as he was kind of seeing how far it would go without it), but still didnt help after trying all different ammo again. I couldnt explain it.
Ridgerunner665  [Member]
7/1/2008 10:22:11 PM EDT
My M&P 15 (standard model) is S/N left the factory on 11/27/07...the date is not on the box that I am aware of...I called S&W and asked them when mine was built.

It is an in house build....not a Stag gun...there is some question as to whether it has the Mossburg or the T/C barrel, but I thinks its a Mossburg...either way, it don't matter, it will put 10 rounds into 1 inch at 100 yards all day long.

4,000 rounds, many of them at a high rate of ammo consumption, and it has only choked 2 times...and those were my fault...not the gun. I was working up loads using Reloder 10x and AA2230 and it short stroked on the weaker loads.
super01  [Member]
7/2/2008 12:05:16 AM EDT
I have a m&p15t that I purchased in march with a serial#57xxx I sent mine in a month ago to have the magwell beveled. The pmag 20rders fit fine, 30rdrs will not fully engage in the magwell. I have run about a 1000 rounds through flawlessly, absolutly love the gun, just waiting for it come back to do some more plinking.
Messer  [Member]
7/2/2008 6:09:48 AM EDT
Mine is a OR model. No "born on" date on my case - SN SW804xx

I've not had a chance to get out and shoot it yet - just too busy with firework shows this week. Hope to get it out soon and see what she can do.

Have a great 4th of July,
Bob S.
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aomagrat  [Member]
7/2/2008 8:48:48 AM EDT
I have the M&P-15 standard model with the detachable handle. I don't know when it was made. I bought it in April 08. Serial number is 14XXX. P-Mags work fine. The only problem I've had was a case rim of Wolf broke off and I had to pound the case out of the chamber with a cleaning rod. Other than that no FTF, FTE, etc of any kind.

Great gun!
hotbiggun42  [Member]
7/2/2008 9:00:15 AM EDT
M&P15S serial# 7XXX no date .never had a FTF but i have never tried wolf. i use Pmags and GI mags very nice rifle it is a keeper.
dhd1  [Member]
7/2/2008 9:25:43 AM EDT
S&W OR # 778xx. No idea when it was manufactured.

PMags work great, running like a champ. Gonna see how she eats wolf this weekend.

EDIT: Purchased on May 17th, 2008. Present for myself cause I graduated college
Gunwritr  [Team Member]
7/2/2008 9:29:27 AM EDT
I know SW 00229 was the number on one of the first two prototypes. I received it for testing and just went back and checked a pic in my archives to see what the serial number on it was.

JNesbitt82  [Team Member]
7/2/2008 11:01:32 AM EDT
S&W MP15OR purchased new June 21, 2008 SN# 761XX
vette1988  [Member]
7/2/2008 12:54:55 PM EDT
I purchased my M&P 15T new in mid-May 2008 with serial #62xxx. The sticker on the cardboard box says 10/29/07. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but my GI mags insert and eject or release and drop nicely and everything else seems okay so far.
JS_280  [Team Member]
7/2/2008 1:29:16 PM EDT
Purchased my M&P15A serial# 55XXX in October 2007. No "born on" date on or in the case. Had to send it back for magwell beveling due to GI mags not dropping free and PMAGS not locking in place at all.
stang02  [Member]
7/2/2008 2:09:00 PM EDT
purchased my 15t on may31,08 ser# 75xxx. no problems at all. pmags lock and drop. i've shot wolf, monarch, pmc and hornady no failures of any kind. very happy with my 15t
NVCapCop  [Member]
7/2/2008 4:22:44 PM EDT
Ser. No. 7XXX range. Takes PMags. No failures.
X-Kill  [Member]
7/2/2008 4:35:58 PM EDT
Two M&P 15 rifles.....ser 14XXX and 14XXX......all my Pmags work and function great, GI mags and C-Products as well........I use nothing else.

Everything about both rifles is spot functioning problems of any issues. Both will shoot sub-moa if I uphold my end of the bargain.

Great em' just as good if not better than my Bushmaster, RRAs or Colt
Elbeeo  [Member]
7/2/2008 5:10:26 PM EDT
I have an M&P 15A, SN: 60xxx (and it's my first AR). Purchsed this past May, around a month and a half ago. Don't know when it was born.

I've put 640 rounds through it, primarily Remington UMC from Wally World and Federal Lake City XM193. 90 rounds of Remington JHP, 60 rounds of Remington JSP, and 20 rounds of Winchester Silver Tip make up the other ammos. UMC and XM193 are split even in terms of usage. My main mags are 30rd P-Mags and C-Products 20rd Stainless mags, but I've also got some stainless 30rd D&H mags and some random GI mags. All my mags fall freely when I hit the release.

I've had only two problems, none what I'd consider the rifle's fault.

First was at about round 100 I was trying out a new cheap mag I got and it had a single failure to feed. The mag was a bit sticky and I've since stuck it in the "only in case of too much ammo and desperation" pile.

Second was with the Winchester Silver Tips (around round 300) -- the box I had felt extremely underpowered and had a failure to feed on the second to last round in a mag I use everytime I go to the range (and has never had any other failures since). The round was a bit deformed and wouldn't feed. I hot loaded it, since it wasn't deformed in any way to look dangerous, to get rid of it down range and haven't any other problems since.
ggoodman  [Member]
7/2/2008 7:37:03 PM EDT
thanks to all for replys. great info. keep posting guys.
daj013  [Member]
7/2/2008 8:59:12 PM EDT
Well I might not be able to help you out too much.
I purchased a S&W M&P-15T about a month or so ago, S/N 593xx built 4/11/2008.
Right after that, I put together a RRA Upper and lower. Soon after that I bought a RRA 10.5 upper.
I bought 20 Pmags and am in the process of narrowing down what scopes I will be adding to these.
The loaded pmags seem to clip in and drop out on their own on the S&W.
The problem is, I haven't shot any of them yet! So I don't know if it will feed correctly or not.

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