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 How long does a barrel last?
Munition  [Member]
2/27/2008 6:38:16 PM EDT
I'm not sure where this belongs. But how long is barrel life? I've only shot close to 1000 rounds with my AR. How long till I need a new barrel?

I know I'm no where close to having to worry about it, but when should I? How many rounds?
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Hitmanxsa  [Member]
2/27/2008 6:51:42 PM EDT
i dont have an exact number.... just when it starts shooting off
Munition  [Member]
2/27/2008 6:57:06 PM EDT
Not exactly what I was looking for. Does anyone have an range or rounds fired to watch out for. I know this will depend on what kind of barrel you have and it wont be the same for everybody.

Does everybody here just wait until they start being really inaccurate?

Anyone changed a barrel after too much use?
sobie  [Member]
2/27/2008 6:57:29 PM EDT
It also depends on what you are doing with it. For example, a good hi power rifle competitor will notice a degradation in accuracy at 600 yards (somewhere in the 3000-5000 round range) long before someone who shoots all the time at 25-100 yards. If you do a lot of rapid fire stuff that heats the barrel alot, it will shorten barrel life. You have a long long way to go.

Sooo... Get shooting....
angrycandy  [Member]
2/27/2008 6:59:57 PM EDT
I'm not sure of the exact number either but I believe the military states between 15 to 20 thousand rounds, though I may be wrong. If you're not shooting full auto or needlessly abusing your weapon you'll have a hard time wearing it out. The numbers vary between the different barrel materials. If it were to say at least 15 thousand rounds that is approximately $6000 worth of ammunition at $350 per K. Hope this helps.
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Munition  [Member]
2/27/2008 7:00:29 PM EDT
I guess thats about as good as an answer I'm gonna get. Thanks
shogun187  [Team Member]
2/27/2008 7:01:23 PM EDT
If it's a stainless steel barrel, it's going to be somewhat lower that say a chrome lined barrel. I think chrome lined barrels are good upwards of 20,000 rounds if you don't do too much FA or bump firing.
squibround  [Member]
2/27/2008 7:02:31 PM EDT
Course of fire and care/cleaning...type of barrel...Stainless steel or chrome Lined? There are to many differing conditions to give exact numbers, but I have seen CL barrels go for nearly 80,000 rds and still have acceptable groups shot from them.
mongo001  [Team Member]
2/27/2008 7:07:33 PM EDT
A quality chrome lined barrel shot at the rate of a normal arm chair ranger should last at least 10k, if not 20k.
biggums  [Member]
2/27/2008 7:17:39 PM EDT
A good barrel is what is important. That's why I pay more for my Colt collection in Ar's and 1911's. Colt uses the best barrels in the business. The barrel issue is what the Ar platform is all about.

Anyone can make a lower but the barrel and upper fir and quality is what determines the bullet flight and accuracy.

Of course the upper and lower all work together so if you want the best go with the best total weapon and that is Colt first and Armilite second.

endlesssummer  [Team Member]
2/27/2008 7:19:31 PM EDT
depends on what rounds you are mil-spec rounds, or 55g varmit hot you get the barrel...mag dump, mag dump, repeat, etc....When it is no longer 2'MOA at 100yards?
I have heard the Ammo Oracle for more info..
foxherb53  [Team Member]
2/27/2008 7:26:32 PM EDT
Shoot it for 5 more years and then if you can still hit a 12 in target at 100yds shoot it some more...
squibround  [Member]
2/27/2008 7:27:49 PM EDT

Originally Posted By foxherb53:
Shoot it for 5 more years and then if you can still hit a 12 in target at 100yds shoot it some more...

+1 the 15k to 20k is a massive under-statement...CL barrel can do way more if care for properly.
foxherb53  [Team Member]
2/27/2008 7:37:19 PM EDT
Yeah , I don't know what he's sooting (paper or varmints or what) but rate of fire and barrel heat will take it's toll. Normal recreational shooter non competitor will have a hard time wearing out a rifle barrel. Hell I have an old DCM Garand that was given to me and I have no idea how many are down the tube , it still shoots damn good too..
Munition  [Member]
2/27/2008 8:15:24 PM EDT
I'll make sure and check up in a few years. I think by thanks all for the input.

A big concern of mine is weather or not barrels will even be sold by the time I need one. Especially with talk of a new assault weapons ban, and the house and senate being dominantly democratic, but hey thats a whole other issue.

Sparky315  [Member]
2/27/2008 8:45:20 PM EDT
So buy a spare now, along with a spare bolt, bolt rings, etc.
Munition  [Member]
2/27/2008 8:49:24 PM EDT
easier said than done. I don't have that kind of money just laying around.
Garandboy  [Team Member]
2/27/2008 8:59:28 PM EDT
I had a non-chrome lined barrel I shot well over 5k rounds through. I was tough on it and it would be smoking during many sessions. It grouped fine and my buddy shoots it now.
ChromeLined  [Member]
2/27/2008 9:21:26 PM EDT
The supreme court is taking up the DC handgun ban in 3 weeks..if they support the lower courts ruling then it will re afirm a ctiizen has an individual right to keep and bear arms and that its unconstitutional to ban firearms by type wich is what the lower court ruled..then it wont matter whos in office because well finaly have ruling that says inalienable rights cannot be prepared for bans to go away or the states sued after that ruling comes down..wich it will cause theres a conservative majority.There isnt gonna be another ban after the supreme court has its say.The house and senate only have a small majority in both houses and some of those democrats are pro gun.
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