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 Problems with SWFA Purchase
ar15joe  [Member]
1/10/2009 11:05:55 AM EDT
Hey guys -
I made my first purchase from SWFA and am having problems with their customer service.

Is there someone I can send an email to besides their "normal" CS reps?

I won't make my issues public until I have exhausted my options in order to be fair to their company.

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Reservoir_Dog  [Team Member]
1/2/2009 5:56:07 PM EDT
SWFA has there own Industry Forum here on ARFCOM. You might try posting your question there.

ETA: Looks like quite a few others are having problems, as well.
ar15joe  [Member]
1/2/2009 7:09:07 PM EDT
thanks I posted there - but since I have already exchanged emails with a "Chris"
I am not sure I will get anywhere

9divdoc  [Team Member]
1/2/2009 7:18:41 PM EDT
Sorry to hear about this...pretty discouraging...
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BillBond  [Member]
1/9/2009 7:54:54 AM EDT
They may have a few dummies working there,
but the main guy, I think his name is David, has always made everything right.

Keep bugging them, as I am sure they are very busy.

Bishop8pie  [Team Member]
1/9/2009 7:57:47 AM EDT
It's been a while since I ordered from SWFA but David was very helpful with an issue that I had and he made everything right in the end.
lthompson  [Member]
1/9/2009 1:51:20 PM EDT
i recently purchased a 20x ss kit from them... was told it was on backorder.. then a month later,, they sent me a 10X. I called today and was given a return number and they said they would ship the other one out.. so we will see....
AJTurner1234  [Member]
1/10/2009 11:43:47 AM EDT
I ordered a 16x super sniper and received FANTASTIC service. Thanks SWFA! YMMV.
Dino92g  [Team Member]
1/10/2009 12:47:21 PM EDT
I've made a couple good-sized purchases with them in the last 3 months and working with Brady there has been fantastic and quite cost effective. Zero issues with any of the orders, shipping, product.

My go-to optics and more store.
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