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 Eotech 511 Parts
Retched_Rick  [Member]
5/22/2004 6:25:59 AM EDT
i bought a 511 from you guys a while back and the screw that holds the rail broke and I subsequently lost the escutcheon that centers it in the flat top rail.

How do I get these replacement parts?


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martinmayhem  [Team Member]
5/22/2004 6:56:02 AM EDT
I bought a couple of these for my 511. They work great.
Retched_Rick  [Member]
5/22/2004 12:49:37 PM EDT
anyone know about the escutcheon?
Retched_Rick  [Member]
5/25/2004 1:40:02 PM EDT
SWFA...Are you guys there?
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BigT  [Member]
5/26/2004 5:25:08 PM EDT
You need to contact them directly with your questions.
SWFA  [Industry Partner]
6/2/2004 7:03:27 AM EDT
Sorry...Everytime I checked in the site would be down or not completely working. Contact EOTech direct for replacement parts.

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