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 lar-8 bipod
krabill  [Member]
3/29/2011 4:40:35 AM EDT
I am fairly new to the AR platform (and arfcom) and not long ago got a LAR-8. I just put a Trijicon accupoint 3-9x40 on it and everything works great! (and groups better than I expected)

I would like to add a bipod, but not sure how it attaches or what to get. I borrowed a picture from the rra pics sticky at the top of this forum. This is the same rifle as mine and I would like to add a bipod in the same way he did. How does it attach to the handguard? Does your hand still have plenty of room for freehand shooting with this thing on?

Thanks for any input!

heres the pic of what I would like
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jklop313  [Member]
3/29/2011 7:31:53 AM EDT
Glad you like my rifle. :D :D

Anyway, I just ordered a piece of magpul 5 slot rail section and screwed it onto the handguard.
The bipod is a GG&G which attaches to a picatinny rail (as opposed to bipods that attach to a harris bipod adapter).

Yes, there is still plenty of room for your hand on the handguard, in fact, this is one of the things i really like about this setup- the bipod attachment point acts as a hand stop, ensuring consistent hand placement every time. Has worked great for me.

A note: This thing is pretty heavy! But it's all worth it. :)

Good luck with your build.

krabill  [Member]
3/29/2011 7:47:38 AM EDT
thanks for the info (and letting me borrow your pic, pretty gun!)

do the holes in the bottom of the handguard have threads for the magpul rail or did you bolt through? I cant get to my rifle right now (on travel) and wonder how exactly did you screw it on. does the magpul come with the screws that you need? I just did a google search and saw the rail your talking about.

Sorry for having someone to hold my hand on this, just want to do it right.

jklop313  [Member]
3/29/2011 9:24:02 AM EDT
Yeah, looks even nicer now with it's Vltor E-mod stock. :D

Yes, there are holes in the handguard and heatshield, and the rail section comes with the needed screws and backings. The only other things you'll need is a hex key.. standard I believe, and some PATIENCE and STRENGTH to get that damned D-ring moving, lol.

Good luck.

EDIT: In case I wasn't clear, The handguard is not threaded, but the rail section comes with small screws and oblong backings that will sqeeeeze the rail section to the handguard. It will tighten to the point to where the backings will dig into the heatsheild. I'd LIKE to say that you should tighten as much as possible, as the handguard is something that isn't quite field-strippable. I'd rather overtighten the screws and slightly damage the thin metal heat sheild, than have it too loose and have my bipod fall off in a combat scenario. Hope this helps!
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krabill  [Member]
3/29/2011 9:50:07 AM EDT
Thanks so much, makes sense now.

Now I just have to get home and play with it some more!
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