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 Montie Design is Looking for Writers and Bloggers for Tree Rest Test & Evaluation Program
montieroland  [Industry Partner]
7/10/2010 10:35:33 AM EDT

We are currently looking for a limited number of reviewers for our new Tree Rest. We provide one free of charge to qualified reviews and writers / media. You honestly evaluate the Tree Rest and write an article, blog entry or forum postings. We get the publicity and an honest evaluation of our product. You end up with a Tree Rest and our appreciation. I've provided info below what describes how our T&E program works. If you are interested in participating, please let me know.



Montie Design Test & Evaluation (T&E) Program
Rev 00


1. Provide honest and candid reviews to the shooting community.
2. Provide feedback to Montie Design staff about the products as reviewed.


Reviewers are expected to do the following:

3. Provide a well-written write up of Montie Design products after using them in the situation of their choice. Effective evaluations can come from a variety of environments and contexts. These include controlled environments such as a lab or indoor range and less-controlled environments such as use out in the field.
4. Pictures are great, video is even better. Readers and viewers are looking for your comments, suggestions and recommendations before they purchase a Montie Design product. Lots of pictures help reinforce what you are saying. Closeups even more so.
5. Evaluations don't need to be letter perfect. Honest, candid and thorough evaluations of the products are the valuable part.
6. Post your evaluation on your blog or website. Also, please post your evaluation on firearms forums your normally visit. Video reviews often show up on Youtube.

Posting on the following forums get lots of readers. For exampe:

- is also a great place to post your photos.

7. Consider submitting your review to any clubs or associations where you are a member. National associations are usually very receptive to member reviews of products.
8. Don't forget to document your setup for testing all the way down to details like:

- rifle make and model
- type of optics or iron sights
- weather conditions
- loads and ammo specifics
- any other details that help the reader understand the context of the evaluation

Montie Design does not correct or edit your reviews. We also do not attempt to control your opinions or comments. We will provide any assistance you need, just ask. I just don't want to interfere with your unbiased opinion.

We are especially interested in anything that you had to do to make one of our products work for you or your situation. What you do to make our product work in the way YOU think it should work help us to identify areas to improve the product.

Examples of Previous Reviews:

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