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 Opener quail az
Fikeman  [Member]
9/30/2011 6:37:38 PM EST
Anybody go out today opening day quail? Went out got skunked birds headed straight up the mountains,wouldn't hold for sh@&!!
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BillyDoubleU  [Team Member]
10/1/2011 10:42:12 AM EST
I went today and bagged 7 birds. Probably only shot 10-12 rounds total

Could have stayed out a bit longer but the first place we went down by Empire ranch was a bust. Went out to were we Dove hunt and well, out of me, my dad and my brother, I am the only one that saw any or shot any

Won't go out to that spot again though. Don't want to deplete it too much. It is kinda skimp as is. We are gonna head out to Florence area sometime here.
Fikeman  [Member]
10/1/2011 1:44:12 PM EST
You ever go up by seven springs?? Heard anything good or bad. We went out past bumble bee,nothing would hold and went straight up the mountain. Being the fat ass I am wasn't gonna climb no damn mountains... Oh well

BillyDoubleU  [Team Member]
10/1/2011 2:36:11 PM EST
That's north of Phoenix right?

I've never hunting near Phoenix, only around Tucson.
Fikeman  [Member]
10/1/2011 6:45:15 PM EST
Yea cave creek area a little north of Phoenix.
SevenMaryThree  [Team Member]
10/2/2011 4:28:59 AM EST
I shot sporting clays at Rio Salado yesterday morning. There was a large covey on the edge of the parking lot as I arrived.

sixgunner455  [Member]
10/3/2011 2:16:43 PM EST
Nope, had to miss it. Going to try this Saturday morning.
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