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 Man I Love Dove Season!
bobweaver  [Team Member]
9/16/2010 9:40:46 PM EDT
I remembered today why I love dove hunting so much! What else can you hunt while drinking beer, hanging out with your best friend(GSP), firing your gun every 30 seconds and cooking up your kill right after you shoot it? I'm taking a break, maybe a nap, and headed back out to the lease in a few hours. Can't wait.
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TZLVredmist  [Team Member]
9/18/2010 10:33:39 AM EDT
Hell yeah!!!

I have had my shotgun loaded right next to me in the truck for the last two weeks. I hunt on the way home from work, and pan fry them when I get home.
dzc391  [Team Member]
9/30/2010 6:13:52 PM EDT
Saturday is opening day!!!

I can't wait
MAGPULFOOL  [Team Member]
10/11/2010 12:40:53 PM EDT
Crappy cellphone pic but heres some from this past weekend!

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forrestcook  [Member]
10/14/2010 5:51:30 PM EDT
good looking dog you've got there bobweaver.
CornDogg723a  [Member]
10/22/2010 4:38:51 PM EDT
My shittie liberal dog shit state turned the vote down on hunting them
bobweaver  [Team Member]
10/22/2010 7:10:16 PM EDT
Originally Posted By CornDogg723a:
My shittie liberal dog shit state turned the vote down on hunting them

What? They banned dove hunting? Didn't know a state made laws every year to say what and what not could be hunted. That sucks. What was their reasoning?
CornDogg723a  [Member]
10/23/2010 5:47:59 PM EDT
They put it on a vote in i think 07 and the morons in this state turned it down to hunt for it.
ragedracer1977  [Team Member]
11/18/2010 11:34:38 PM EDT
Late season opens TODAY!

Now I can chase dove and quail at the same time!
CornDogg723a  [Member]
11/19/2010 4:03:44 PM EDT
I'm still sad they banned it. But now that i think of it I don't really see many while out hunting.
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