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 Is it common for a button buck to breed a mature doe?
BuckMKII  [Team Member]
10/14/2011 1:35:45 PM EDT
Reason I'm asking is because while I was fishing yesterday I saw a small button buck breed with a mature female doe. She came out of the woods with him following her and when she stopped he did the deed.
As you can see from this pic he is not fully grown and smaller than the doe.

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BigRedDog  [Team Member]
10/14/2011 2:21:41 PM EDT
not unless the doe was a teacher
bigfish64  [Member]
10/14/2011 4:22:43 PM EDT
Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mondov  [Team Member]
10/14/2011 5:33:16 PM EDT
Last year I saw a mature doe rear up and put a whooping on a button buck that tried to mount her.
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the_ak_kid  [Team Member]
10/15/2011 2:22:25 AM EDT
Instincts are instincts. Would a 14 year old mount a hot milf?

That said, I haven't seen it often, but it does happen.

Bushman_269  [Team Member]
10/15/2011 3:00:43 AM EDT
Most mature does I have seen would not stand still for that buck. I guess he caught her in the right mood.
Ndenway  [Team Member]
10/15/2011 12:01:18 PM EDT
like most animals, when the does in season and theres no dominant buck around, the doe will take what she can get.
Lootie23  [Team Member]
10/15/2011 12:45:24 PM EDT
Here is my take on it.

First of all, the rut hasn't started so she most likely isn't in heat. Secondly, that is probably her buck fawn and she is about to run his ass off. Looks like typical juvenile behavior from what you see young (less than 1 year old) dogs doing. Mounting with no penetration.

But then again, I've seen some strange things, like deer being born in August/September, scraping and rubbing in March.
xhairs1970  [Team Member]
10/15/2011 1:55:23 PM EDT
That usualy only takes place in regions where the adult buck population is extremely low and doe density is high but it does occur.
Jacobdw  [Team Member]
10/16/2011 4:18:17 PM EDT
maybe that doe is a cougar
big_tex78  [Member]
10/22/2011 12:34:23 AM EDT
what a pimp
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