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 Skinning Knives
all2muchfun  [Member]
2/8/2009 9:51:10 PM EDT
What kind of knives do you guys use for skinning?
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FiremanBrad  [Member]
2/9/2009 9:35:09 AM EDT
I just bought a new Knives of Alaska, Cub Bear model skinner. I can't wait to use it on something! The last several years, I have used a 3" Victorinox Paring style knife for all the skinning, caping that I do! Sharpens easy, keeps an edge, and the size is right handy!!!
FiremanBrad  [Member]
2/9/2009 9:39:10 AM EDT
Here's a pic of the KoA.

Merk  [Member]
2/9/2009 7:04:01 PM EDT
Knives of Alaska, three knife set in leather sheath with diamond lap. I have been using them for years and love 'em.
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km2006dmax  [Member]
2/10/2009 5:41:26 AM EDT
Here's a pic of the KoA

Great knife you'll love it!

I started using a sog field pup this year and I've been really impressed with it. I cleaned a big bull and whitetail with it before I needed to hit it with the steel. Sharp as hell out of the box and very easy to handle.
ltglock  [Team Member]
2/10/2009 7:26:21 AM EDT
Knives of Alaska, have the cub and muskrat combo. Works very well!!!
glocktex  [Team Member]
2/10/2009 7:58:38 AM EDT
I have several KOA knives. I have the large cleaver which is very handy. The cub bear, ulu, and boning knives are a must in my opinion. They hold a great edge as well.
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