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 can I get out of a va disability rating?
barkley-addict  [Member]
6/9/2009 5:23:46 AM EDT
It might prevent me from re enlisting.
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Po-Po-5-0  [Team Member]
6/9/2009 2:22:33 PM EDT
Unless they changed something I thought they just suspended your VA disability until you retired. I was told I can go back active anytime and just have to notify the VA if I reenlist so they can suspend the benefits. I have 30%. Unless they found something seriously screwed up with you I don't see how it should stop reenlistment, and if thats the case you should be getting Med Seperated.
barkley-addict  [Member]
6/9/2009 3:03:26 PM EDT
I appreciate that.
To explain, when we got back to camp shelby from iraq for d mob, they had us list as many medical concerns as possible, because they said if you don't list it now, it never happened or you never had it.
I listed sinus problems from all the dust, some mild sleep problems from some disturbed thoughts, (nothing like suicidal thoughts or anything psyche, only that I couldn't get to sleep at night ) and hearing.
The had va reps fill out a report if you weren't going to be retained on active duty for any medical problems, and fill out a claim for anything you wrote. I didn't see anything wrong with that then.
In short, at sleep study 6 months later I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, and combined with hearing and sinus that was confirmed, I rated 40% disability. The 40% doesn't seem to be a problem with reenlistment, sleep apnea however is a medical dq for re enlistment.
I've never actually had any problems with stopping breathing in my sleep that I know of. It's very mild if I have it. I've served 3 1/2 years active without any problems, now it might prevent me from reenlisting.
If I'd known that I'd never said anything about any problems sleeping because it was certainly something that I could have omitted at d mob, in fact i was surprised that I actually was rated with disability for that more than hearing or sinus.

I might have done myself in for re enlistment unintentionally and undeservingly.
Active is the only way I can really financially make it at this point to unfortunately.
Po-Po-5-0  [Team Member]
6/9/2009 3:41:36 PM EDT
As far as that goes you already took the tests so there may not be much you can do. Did you speak with the reenlistment Officer? He should have some good advice on what to do in this situation. The only other thing I could think is to contact the VA and try to challenge the rating based on the sleep apnea and get retested, or request to see the results. A lot of times the VA will give you a rating just for the claim if they cannot disprove it, such as tennitis.
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DoorKicker  [Member]
6/9/2009 5:13:37 PM EDT
If you got a regular discharge on your DD214 (not medical), then the only way that they will know when you re-enlist is if you tell them. VA and Army are not the same.

barkley-addict  [Member]
6/9/2009 7:27:46 PM EDT
I appreciate the advice yall, I'm going to the va tomm. for dental anyhow and will talk to someone about it from the va side.
I do have an honorable discharge with re-1 reenlistment code on the dd 214 for what it's worth. So that's good at least.
DoorKicker  [Member]
6/10/2009 6:10:13 PM EDT
Originally Posted By barkley-addict:
I do have an honorable discharge with re-1 reenlistment code on the dd 214 for what it's worth.

This is all that matters when it comes to re-enlisting

barkley-addict  [Member]
6/11/2009 10:25:07 PM EDT
The guy at the va said I'd have to talk more about stopping the va disability or challenging the sleep apnea rating, but he suggested himself that the va and their records were private records and not army, as you did, and basically said just enlist and get in, then if anything is made of it later, you're still already in. So perhaps they won't even check, but I'll still attempt to stop the rating before I go on or put it on hold.
Appreciate it doorkicker and po po 5 0.
Po-Po-5-0  [Team Member]
6/12/2009 12:24:29 AM EDT
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