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 Sh*tbag Criminal CLEO finally sees justice
hkusp9  [Team Member]
1/13/2012 9:57:53 AM EST§ion=null

I have been following this story closely since i know some of the people who have been diligently working on the story and because i was affected by an organization which appears to be corrupt in similar ways.

Its a damn shame that good deputies at Pct. 1 had to suffer under these criminals and its VERY disappointig to me that the apathy of harris county voters has allowed county politics to reach this despicable level.

I can honestly say that if the stress of his prosecution pushes his failing health over the edge and the cancer kills him, i wont feel bad for him in the least....
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hkusp9  [Team Member]
1/13/2012 2:07:53 PM EST
obviously no one watched the video and found it humorous when the constable tried to bum rush the camera man with his walker equipped with tennis balls on the feet and had to be held back by his wife?

walker assault....

Stay classy Abercia!
1387Delta  [Team Member]
1/13/2012 3:36:47 PM EST
He looks a little frazzled!
hkusp9  [Team Member]
1/13/2012 6:02:36 PM EST
Originally Posted By 1387Delta:
He looks a little frazzled!

hes currently facing 13 federal indictments.

My telepathy tells me that hes going to have some more coming soon.

At first i thought that he was just a crooked cop, but from what im hearing lately im starting to believe that hes a full blown criminal that was using his office entirely for personal gain....

I know that airing stuff like this out for public isnt good for the police image on the broad scale, but i feel like good cops should come together to celebrate the punishment of bad cops to show the pubic that we dont tolerate this kind of bullshit in (or at the top) of our ranks!