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 Cav Arms Colored Furniture Sets - Pink Color
Sacrifice  [Team Member]
1/18/2009 11:08:21 AM EDT
Wondering if you were going to get anymore Pink furniture sets in. My daughter wants one when she comes home from college .
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JLA  [Administrator]
1/20/2009 4:54:20 AM EDT
We don't have any more coming at this time.

Perhaps we can get our hands on some more, I'll have to check on it.
Sacrifice  [Team Member]
1/20/2009 7:59:51 AM EDT
If you do find one - I will definitely buy it.
bubbahana  [Team Member]
2/6/2009 6:40:56 PM EDT
I would be in on this also.
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nicholsmf  [Team Member]
2/17/2009 1:08:00 AM EDT
Looks like Cav Arms has them in stock.

Pasted from the link below.

Pink AR furniture

We have done a limited run of pink furniture. Supplies are limited, so don't wait! We won't be making more for at least another year.

We have the following pieces in stock in pink;
C1 (A1 length buttstock)
C2 (M4 style telestock)
C3 (CAR handguards)
C4 (M4 style handguards)
C5 (Fat rifle length handguards)
C7 (A2 handguards)
C9 (A2 style pistol grip)

C2 Stock, C3 Handguards, C9 Grip

C2 Stock, C4 Handguards, C9 Grip

$150.00 per set delivered CONUS

A set includes your choice of handguards and buttstock with C9 pistol grip.

Call 480-833-9685 to order.


ETA: There's a set in the EE right now as well HERE
Sacrifice  [Team Member]
2/17/2009 7:24:05 AM EDT
Thanks for the IM - Will get one of these!
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