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 U.S. Warship Deployment Histories
fc2  [Member]
12/2/2009 12:27:54 PM EDT
Need help finding a website that will get me the deployment's of three U.S. Warships

U.S.S. Coontz Ocean Venture '86 and any LEDO op's through the previous (when I got tot he ship) and decomm (Oct '89).

U.S.S. Donald B. Beary Sept. '89 - Feb '91.

U.S.S. Conyngham Dates for Teamwork '88.

I need this info to apply for sea credit time as I pursue merchant marine work.


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TheFlynDutchman  [Member]
12/2/2009 2:04:34 PM EDT
Try here

A lot of the ones I served on are at the bottom of the ocean as artificial reefs......

This was one of mine:

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