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 Need recommendation to help ID Original Carl Eikhorn dagger/cutlass
KSODA  [Member]
1/25/2011 8:15:41 AM EDT
I guess this is a shot in the dark without photos, I will take pics and post asap when kid gives my SLR back, but...Can anyone familiar with old German daggers recommend a web link to ID an original Carl Eikhorn Soligen National Forestry Service [Reichsforstdienst] or German Rifle Association [Deutscher Schutzen-Verband] dagger/cutlass with scabbard?

I see no Nazi or German military stamps or etching but have so far determined, due to the design, that it was prob made under the two German organizations above. It is highly polished mirror like finish, not perfect, but close to it and I know enough on antiques and collectibles to never clean or polish them.

Double sided etched Dagger description; overall length aprox 16.5", Blade 10", Handle 6 1/4"
Etched trade mark has left facing squirrel, appears to be with outstretched arms around downward facing sword, large rounded letter "E" on left of sword, lower case "i" on lower sword blade above tip followed by "ckhorn", below that in smaller letters is "SOLINGEN".

Handle is stag bone with raised elk head with antlers wrapped around upper case "D" and just below the D are upper case letters "JV". Top and bottom of stag handle is capped/banded with silver oak leafs. The handle tip has silver acorn. Below the lower oakleaf band are two up and down facing stag legs (hand guard), on other side is 2" wide clam shell shaped guard with etched right side facing bird with 11 tail feather & 9 wind feathers sitting on a branch.

The blade has gorgeous etching in a raised photo negative appearance. The background sky is gray and polished raised surface for scenes. On the clam shell hand guard side is a woodland scene... a left facing hunter with rifle firing at running and jumping deer or elk. The antlered buck is jumping over a fallen tree led by a doe. To the right of that scene is bird calling standing on oak branch, this is surrounded by oak branches and leafs.

On the side with the Eikhorn trademark is another woodland scene with a hunter with rifle and sword or dagger with 6 dogs attacking large tusked wild boar (all facing left toward handle). One dog in front of boar appears injured a/o thrown onto its back by the boar. One dog has boar by the neck, another going for the neck, another has boar by the left hind quarter. Towards the tip is a flying humming bird bordered by oak branches and leafs.

The back strap of the blade is etched in oak leafs, almost in a Damascus steel appearance. Base of blade has original green felt padding which I can guess is there to keep from rattling while blade is in sheath when hunting.

The scabbard or sheath is full blade length, overall 11.5", tan leather insert built into sheath to protect polished blade and green textured plastic lining. Tip of sheath has thick aluminum or other metal etched on the outer side with calling buck or elk, large antlers facing left in a woodland scene and fallen tree log, below that is more etching. The very end has egg shaped design with six surrounding acorns...overall length aprox 3 3/4" from tip. Top of sheath is another metal exterior lining with raised 1" acorn sticking out from the sheath. Portion where blade inserts is thicker metal silver soldered to metal lining or sleeve.

Only other thing I can describe is on dagger where up and down deer legs are located for hand guard, is the legs design is surround by oak leafs.

I have the original eggshell/light gray checkered box with "Original Eikhorn" round TM black on gold label with squirrel. Top cover has glued foam padding with wood inserts for protecting sturdiness of box cover. The base is lined with red silk or fine cloth and that is lined by white ribbon rope.

a while back during the 357mag ammo shortages, I traded a case of 357 mag Fiocchi for this, he had no use for it and has plenty of knives already. He owns a gun store. He claimed a gun collector he deals with gave it to him. He claimed the collector had it appraised at aprox. $800. I took it to an antiques gun show and three collectors stated to me I should have it reappraised and insured, that it may be worth far more than we thought but thats all they could tell me. I'm told it is aprox circa early 1930's just before or after the Nazi government. I question the etching, it appears to almost be too perfect to have that quality sharp etching in that early year(s) range as we have with today's laser technology.

Appraisers want money to appraise it. I've spent days trying to find info on this and the closest thing to this in researching original Eikhorns is from the link below. Any idea's were else to look on the web? Went to library and found about the same info as on the web. I'll get pics as soon a possible.
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dkstg44  [Member]
1/25/2011 9:46:01 AM EDT

dkstg44  [Member]
1/25/2011 11:15:09 AM EDT
Bob has one on his site, although the manufacture is not Eickhorn. Contact Bob is you want help with it or to sell it. I know Bob and he is a good guy

Bill Shea has a few on his site.

KSODA  [Member]
1/25/2011 2:08:52 PM EDT
I appreciate both of your assistance, thank you
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