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 66th Anniversary of D-Day
rm1bow  [Team Member]
6/6/2010 7:05:32 PM EDT
Normandy ceremonies mark 66th anniversary of D-Day

(AP) – 13 hours ago

COLVILLE-SUR-MER, France — Veterans and those grateful for their sacrifices have marked the 66th anniversary of the D-Day landings, remembering the invasion that turned the tide of World War II.

U.S. veteran William Duane Bush, wearing a military jacket, raised the American flag at the Normandy American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, which overlooks Omaha Beach. It was the first time 93-year-old Bush of Lincoln, Nebraska had returned to Europe since the war's end.

An ecumenical service was held at the cathedral in the town of Bayeux, where a wreath-laying service also took place at the British military cemetery.

Some 215,000 Allied soldiers, and roughly as many Germans, were killed or wounded during D-Day and the ensuing nearly three months it took to secure the capture of Normandy.
Link, US tribute

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medicmandan  [Moderator]
6/6/2010 7:09:50 PM EDT
Reminds me I should drop in and visit my friend who earned a Purple Heart on that day.
sjuhockey10  [Team Member]
6/7/2010 12:39:41 AM EDT
My grandpa landed on Omaha. RIP.
ByNameRequest  [Team Member]
6/9/2010 11:34:35 AM EDT
OP- thanks for posting this!
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rm1bow  [Team Member]
6/9/2010 12:38:46 PM EDT
Originally Posted By ByNameRequest:
OP- thanks for posting this!

Thanks, I liked the pics and wanted to pass them on. 66yrs is along time, soon there won't be any of these
hero's left and that will be a sad day indeed.
bluebead  [Team Member]
6/10/2010 7:24:58 AM EDT
banzai70  [Member]
6/13/2010 5:25:25 PM EDT
I was over there on a sightseeing tour last week. I walked out to the waters edge on Omaha at 0630.
rm1bow  [Team Member]
6/13/2010 6:26:32 PM EDT
I finally got around to reading last weeks comics. Here are a couple of good ones.

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