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 List of West Point Non-Graduates
rm1bow  [Team Member]
3/13/2010 8:26:26 PM EDT
I found a interesting list of people who went to West Point, but didn't graduate. Edgar Allan Poe, James Whistler and Timothy Leary were
the ones that suprised me. Link
William S. Hamilton- 1818- Colonel; Illinois State Representative; Wisconsin Territorial Representative; son of U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, grandson of U.S. Senator and Major General Philip Schuyler; nephew of U.S. Representative Philip Jeremiah Schuyler; attended the Academy 1814–1817

Alexander Barrow- 1820- U.S. Senator from Louisiana, lawyer; attended the Academy 1816–1818

James Fannin- 1823- Texas War for Independence; entered the Academy as "James F. Walker" in 1819 but resigned in 1821 from the Academy due to poor grades, absences and tardiness

Jacob Zeilin- 1826- First United States Marine Corps general officer, Commandant of the Marine Corps (1864–1876); part of Commodore Perry's expedition to Japan; discharged due to low grades

John Archibald Campbell- 1830- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States; left the Academy after three years to care for family's affairs after father's death

Edgar Allan Poe- 1834- Served as a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army 1827-1829; author who excelled in language who was expelled for neglecting duties.

Lewis Addison Armistead- 1839- Confederate Brigadier General killed at Gettysburg; expelled for a fight in which he broke a plate over the head of fellow future Confederate general Jubal Early; later commissioned in the Regular Army, which he left as a major to join the Confederacy

John Cleveland Robinson- 1839- Left the Academy after three years but joined the Army one year later; Major General in the American Civil War; awarded the Medal of Honor for valor in action in 1864 near Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia; Lieutenant Governor of New York (1873–1874); served two terms as the president of the Grand Army of the Republic

Charles Henry Tompkins- 1851- Dropped out of the Academy after two years for unspecified reasons; Brigadier General; recipient of the Medal of Honor for twice charging through the enemy's lines on July 1, 1861 near Fairfax, Virginia, making him the first Union officer of the Civil War to receive the Medal of Honor

Wharton J. Green- 1854- Confederate officer; U.S. Congressman (1883–1887); dropped out before graduation

James Abbott McNeill Whistler- 1855- Artist; discharged for academic and disciplinary problems after three years

Andrew Jackson Houston- 1875- U.S. Senator (1941); son of Sam Houston; dropped out

Johnson Chesnut Whittaker- 1881- Born into slavery; expelled after board of inquiry and court-martial convicted him of staging an assault on his own person; Assault at West Point: The Court-Martial of Johnson Whittaker by John Marszalek popularized the case and led to his posthumous commission in 1995

Albert W. Gilchrist- 1882- Governor of Florida (1909–1913); found deficient in experimental philosophy after three years at the Academy

Lloyd Fredendall- 1905 & 1906- Lieutenant General in World War II; expelled for poor grades in mathematics and poor general deportment; readmitted following year and expelled again; later received a direct commission in 1907; relieved of command after the Battle of the Kasserine Pass and reassigned to training commands

Courtney Hodges- 1909- General in World War II; dropped out after the first year because "found deficient" in mathematics, as was his second-year plebe classmate George S. Patton who graduated in 1909; Hodges then enlisted as a private and became the second person to rise from private to general; Instructor at the Academy after World War I

Ralph Yarborough- 1923- U.S. Senator from Texas (1957–1971); leader of the Democratic Party of Texas; dropped out after two years to become a teacher; enlisted in Texas National Guard; Lieutenant Colonel in World War II

Chris Keener Cagle- 1930- Professional football player; played football at the Academy during the 1926–1929 seasons; resigned in May 1930 after it was discovered he had married in August 1928

Timothy Leary- 1943- Counterculture icon, LSD proponent; dropped out

Michael J. Daly- 1945- Captain; dropped out of the Academy after one year to enlist so he could fight in World War II; received a battlefield commission; awarded the Medal of Honor for assaulting several enemy positions

Roger Donlon- 1959- Dropped out of the Academy for personal reasons; Captain, later Colonel; recipient of the Medal of Honor for repulsing a much larger attack

James A. Gardner- 1962- Did not graduate; First Lieutenant; recipient of the Medal of Honor for actions leading his platoon in the relief of a company that was engaged with a larger enemy force

Richard Hatch- 1986- Winner of the first Survivor; dropped out

Byron (Low Tax) Looper- 1987- Politician convicted of murdering his Tennessee State Senate opponent Tommy Burks in 1998; attended the Academy from 1982 to 1985; discharged due to a serious knee injury

Maynard James Keenan- 1988- Singer in the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle; would have been part of the Class of 1988 but he never started at the Academy as he was accepted to West Point in 1984 while he was a cadet candidate at United States Military Academy Preparatory School but decided to complete his term of active duty enlistment

Adam Vinatieri- 1995- National Football League placekicker for the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts; left the Academy after two weeks

Dan Hinote- 1999- Professional National Hockey League (NHL) ice hockey player; dropped out in 1996 when he was drafted by the Colorado Avalanche; first NHL player ever drafted from West Point

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Lowjack545  [Team Member]
3/28/2010 7:57:34 PM EDT
James Fannin- 1823.. ofcourse
valheru21  [Team Member]
3/28/2010 7:59:32 PM EDT
No one cares about who did or did not graduate from West Point.
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