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 MAK-90 "conversion"
drjarhead  [Member]
1/4/2002 9:41:31 AM EDT
I would like to put a pistol grip on my MAK. Are there different rules with regards to MAKs vs. european com-bloc AKs? Can I just change out the fire control parts to US manufacture and then change out the stock? Seems they always specify MAK-90s in ads. Thanks in advance.
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BobCole  [Team Member]
1/4/2002 1:04:34 PM EDT
Some Mac-90s have a different shaped hole for the stock attachement than the pistol gripped models. One is round & one is square, I can't recall which is which. I would call BATF & ask them as after all, they are who you'll answer to should a question ever arise about the rifle.
Troy  [Site Staff]
1/4/2002 2:29:47 PM EDT
As long as you have the minimum number of imported parts as defined by the law (by replacing some with domestic parts), your MAK90 will cease to be an import, and will legally be a domestic rifle, no longer subject to 922(r), and only to the 1994 Krime Bill restrictions. Keep your receipts from those parts. Now, as to PHYSICAL parts-fit issues, you're on your own. -Troy
golfgunguy  [Member]
1/5/2002 3:51:36 PM EDT
At a local gun shop I found a Mac-90 with a thumb hole stock that also had a folding stock on it, and angle flash suppressor. I assume when it was imported it got caught up in the new gun laws. Is there any legal way (replace with US parts) to remove the thumb hole stock and add a pistol grip and be able use the folding stock legally?
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Circuits  [Team Member]
1/5/2002 4:36:55 PM EDT
If it's legally configured with that folding stock, then it must be legally a pre-ban. Make sure of that, and then you can replace enough US parts to put a pistol grip stock on it. Just be sure it's not an illegally configured post-ban before plunking your money down, though. I'm confused as to how it could have both a thumbhole stock and a folding stock.
Righteous_Kill  [Member]
1/5/2002 10:27:16 PM EDT
 The legal position would be the same for both a Chinese and a European model. They are both simply imported semi-autos. There are some physical dimensional differences between the two. “Mak-90" has become some what of a “generic” term for any postban AK clone rifle. Before buying you should find out if the stock and/or internal parts are made for a Chinese, Euro rifle or both. Bob is correct, some Mak-90 models and even some Euro (Romanian) rifles have a modified from standard rear receiver. That would need to be addressed per individual rifle. The US parts count is 5 parts for a stamped model and 4 parts for a milled receiver. If you add a muzzle device the parts count is increased by 1. Any AK marked “MAK-90" is a post 89 imported rifle. Some MAK-90's had receivers intended for underfold stocks. The under fold stock can even be attached with the thumbhole still on the rifle. For all intensive purposes these are postban guns, so price accordingly. R/K
golfgunguy  [Member]
1/6/2002 2:09:24 PM EDT
The price for the MAC-90 is $500.00. It does have a folding stock and thumb hole stock. With the thumb hole stock installed you cannot use the folding stock. I have spoken to a few dealers and they said that a few of these AK47s came into the US in this type configuration. From the previous comment, all I need to do is replace 5 of the Chinese part with US parts and this AK47 will be a legal Preban AK47?
Guess  [Member]
1/8/2002 12:35:12 PM EDT
I don't think it matters on the gun. I converted my Mak90 by getting a "usak conversion kit" a couple of years ago. I think I got it from Tapco. However, I didn't see it on their website just now. It came with all new wood stamped "U.S.". It also came with an internal part, mag followers and mag floor plates all stamped with "US". It cost a couple of hundred bucks and came with a BATF letter. See pic of mak90 here: [url][/url] I'll see if I can dig out more info when I get home tonight. Instead of buying the whole kit, just order one of these for a little extra money :D : [url][/url]
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