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 OBAMA "Gets It" (The FUDD backing from brady front group AHSA)
Bigger_Hammer  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 2:01:00 PM EDT
Great News Everyone!

Obama just got the Excited endorsement of the FUDD outdoors Brady Group the American Shooters & Hunters Association (they endorse "reasonable" gun restrictions against things like "cop killer bullets" & "deadly assault weapons"

AHSA Endorses Obama
Obama: He "gets it"

Today, as President of the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), I announced our endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Because the gun issue has recently become a factor in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania, I want to share the remarks I made today:

As a gun rights organization we have not come to this decision lightly. We were formed two years ago because our research shows that millions of gun owners wanted a change. They not only wanted an organization that would protect their gun rights but an organization that was also committed to the protection of their communities as well as the protection of our lands. We reached out to the Obama campaign several weeks ago to offer our support and approval as was reported by Paul Bedard of US News and World Report. We believe recent attacks on Senator Obama's stand on the 2nd Amendment and his commitment to our hunting and shooting heritage are unfair and American Hunters and Shooters Association is stepping up to set the record straight.

Senator Obama has clearly demonstrated his commitment to the 2nd Amendment by his vote in support of the Vitter amendment to HR 5441, the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations bill of 2007. This amendment prevents the Government from confiscating guns in a time of crisis or emergency. Imagine how the citizens felt during Hurricane Katrina when government agents kicked in doors to confiscate law abiding citizens' guns at a time when they needed them the most. We know Senator Obama "gets it." To say that he is an elitist is patently ridiculous. To hunters and shooters everywhere, Senator Obama's vote demonstrated a fundamental understanding of the meaning of the 2nd Amendment which means he recognizes the individual right of all citizens to keep and bear arms. Senator Clinton, on the hand, failed to grasp the importance of this critical issue to hunters and shooters and voted against this Amendment. She turned her back on America's gun owners. In addition, Senator Obama's commitment to conservation and protection of our natural resources and access to public lands demonstrates to us his commitment to America's hunting and shooting heritage. Senator Obama will be a strong and authentic voice for America's hunters and shooters and it is with great pleasure that we endorse his candidacy.

Ray Schoenke
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some Interesting Reading about this group

Wiki Link to ASHA

Seems their president has given millions to HCI... SURPRISING that the AHSA parrots the Brady Bunch call for gun bans, manditory 'safety training', and closing the 'gun show loophole'

You can't say the Dumb-O-Crats aren't getting smarter and sneakier by trying to disguise them selves better than Kerry and his "hunting" photo ops.

Stop the FUDDS!!!

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reddog51  [Member]
4/16/2008 2:04:14 PM EDT
I would call this group ANTI's not FUDDS.
CKxx  [Member]
4/16/2008 2:05:01 PM EDT

Originally Posted By reddog51:
I would call this group ANTI's not FUDDS.

In terms of our interests, there is barely a difference.
garr  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 2:07:36 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Bigger_Hammer:
Ray Schoenke

Stop the FUDDS!!!


Reading that made me want to PUKE, How that commy prick Obama Wants to protect the 2nd?
We should launch a fire mission on this asshole,
Whats this USEFUL IDIOT "Ray Schoenke" E Mail address?
althor  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 2:07:47 PM EDT

Originally Posted By CKxx:

Originally Posted By reddog51:
I would call this group ANTI's not FUDDS.

In terms of our interests, there is barely a difference.

Quoted for truth.
45FMJoe  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 2:10:06 PM EDT
SkullFarmer  [Member]
4/16/2008 2:12:21 PM EDT
He's trotting them out to buy himself some cover after getting caught expressing his true feelings about all us fucking backwoods hicks who "cling" to our guns.

BHO can blow me. And so can that other bag of shit who's parroting for him.
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Recon_by_Fire  [Member]
4/16/2008 2:14:18 PM EDT
Obama was also endorsed by HAMAS!
ArmyInfantryVet  [Member]
4/16/2008 2:15:36 PM EDT
Until someone goes to school with a lever action repeater, then Obama will have those guns in his gun sights to take away.
ReallyLongAction  [Member]
4/16/2008 2:19:59 PM EDT
What is that group of retarded shitfucks' official stance on handguns? Do they know that Obama wants to ban handgun ownership? How 'bout the fact that he wants to ban all semi automatic fireams? Do they know that?

What a group of morons.
reddog51  [Member]
4/16/2008 2:20:12 PM EDT

Originally Posted By ArmyInfantryVet:
Until someone goes to school with a lever action repeater, then Obama will have those guns in his gun sights to take away.

somebody needs to do a drive by with a 50 cal flintlock
CRC  [Member]
4/16/2008 2:23:12 PM EDT
Obama supports handguns in D.C. ...............

for the Captiol Police

bdgenz  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 2:30:25 PM EDT
Oh yeah, I'm buying this.

MACpistolnut  [Member]
4/16/2008 2:34:54 PM EDT
The AHSA (american handjobs and shitheads association) is in a desperate quest for members. They essentially have none. They're an empty shell. They're a group that was started with money from establishment sources so it's a group that is a well funded shell in search of idiots to join it. It's gotten so much money from the establishment that it could be around for awhile, especially if the controlled media keeps repeating it's name. There are pro gun groups with 10 times the membership that the media ignores.

On the other hand, it would be nice if the "sporting purpose" morons left the nra so we could MAYBE reclaim the nra from those forces that used the nra to pass the 1934 ban (where nra president testified before congress in FAVOR), the 1968 ban (that daddy bush and the gun industry supported), the 1986 ban which nra didn't even TRY to stop after it's bill was totally poisoned with it.

If the sporting purpose traitors left the nra, maybe we could get nra to give a shit about full auto owners. Maybe we could get nra to mention to it's members that two states don't even REQUIRE the expensive permit to carry.
The_Beer_Slayer  [Site Staff]
4/16/2008 2:37:15 PM EDT
i see those idiots stickes on every hunters truck in this area. when i try to discuss what they really are i generally get the deer in the headlights look. then it dawns on me they have no clue and don't care.

doesn't surprise me at all. the fudd crowd is NOT with us and never will be. as long as noone touches their deer and duck guns they could care less.
mcgredo  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 2:42:23 PM EDT
I don't think it's fair to call them Fudds. They're gun grabbers running a false flag operation who hope to round up some Fudds.

clasky  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 2:46:27 PM EDT
Obama has never said or done anything pro-2nd Amendment in his life. The guy is a piece of shit and these wolves in sheep's clothing are subversive SOB's that are run by gun-grabbers.

Fuck them all.
Merrell  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 2:47:53 PM EDT

Originally Posted By mcgredo:
I don't think it's fair to call them Fudds. They're gun grabbers running a false flag operation who hope to round up some Fudds.

Bigger_Hammer  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 4:21:16 PM EDT
I wonder if anyone will put a second amendment question to the "Big O" now that he has such a "Outstanding Outdoorsmans' Endorsement"?

Why hasn't the media torn into him for this phoney baloney... Oh yeah right... Don't the Media doesn't want to wake up from this Dream.


AJ-IN-JAX  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 4:24:51 PM EDT
I know who AHSA is...........

BallisticTip  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 4:26:53 PM EDT
PreBanPatry  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 4:32:13 PM EDT
I sent them this:

Your endorsement of Barack Obama is an insult to the supposed ideals that your organization espouses. As a result of this endorsement I will never send you one dollar of support, I will never join your organization, no one in my circle of family or freinds will ever join your organization, and given any opurtunity to do so I will sway people and buseniss' away from supporting you in any way.

you have abondend the most basic ideals this country was founded on and we (true Americans and defenders of our consititution) will not forget or forgive this betrayal.

good day.

anybody track down an office number? can't seem to find one on their website
AJ-IN-JAX  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 4:41:33 PM EDT

Ray Schoenke (AHSA president) assaults Ginny Simone (of NRA news)
Beater9C1  [Member]
4/16/2008 5:20:16 PM EDT
They are just another group that thinks the second amendment means the right to hunt.

I don't take them seriously and I know I am not alone.
GunLvrPHD  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 5:32:28 PM EDT
Didn't Soros start and fund this group?
texas_mustang_01  [Team Member]
4/16/2008 5:36:30 PM EDT

Originally Posted By GunLvrPHD:
Didn't Soros start and fund this group?

Probably the Joyce Foundation too.
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