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 How bout a 99% ALL-Matching Nazi G.24(t) Mauser Short Rifle - SCHWING!
57Strat  [Team Member]
3/27/2007 11:12:20 PM


Caliber: 7.92 x 57 mm

Price: $3975

DESCRIPTION: Beautiful Czechoslovak/ Nazi occupation G.24(t) Mauser short rifle! Made by CZ factory in Bystrica, Czechoslovakia (under Nazi occupation) in 1942, as indicated by markings on the receiver ring, "dou 42". The receiver's rail displays following markings, "G.24(t) ". The right side of the receiver displays a letter, "T". CZ factory mark, "Z in the circle" is stamped on some steel parts of the rifle. All matching serial numbers (the matching serial numbers are stamped on receiver, stock and bolt; there are no serial numbers stamped on all other parts of the rifle, which is correct for this model). All the serial numbers are original and they were not restamped. The right side of the buttstock has steel regimental disc inlaid in the wood (please, see pictures). Ramp and leaf rear sight calibrated from 200 to 2000 meter. Correct style, straight bolt handle. Complete with original cleaning rod and the removable front sight wings (post-war?). Very high quality of manufacturing and metal finish! CONDITION: Near mint. 99% of original blue finish is still on the metal parts. The only minor wear to the finish is on the barrel, near the muzzle. Some light patina on the buttplate (uncleaned for many years). Beautiful walnut stock in original finish, with few minor handling marks. Bore is in near mint condition, with strong and shiny rifling. Strong action. All the internal parts of the rifle are in near mint condition, with no visible wear. All the markings are clearly visible on the metal. No import markings. Difficult to upgrade example of Nazi occupation production G.24(t) short rifle! This rifle would please the most discriminating collector. Serial# 38XX.

Corsair  [Team Member]
3/27/2007 11:15:23 PM
WoW... purrrdy....
but 3975 purrdy?...
57Strat  [Team Member]
3/27/2007 11:17:18 PM

Originally Posted By Corsair:
WoW... purrrdy....
but 3975 purrdy?...

This is the only all matching 99% Nazi Mauser I have seen for sale in a while.
MauserMark  [Team Member]
3/27/2007 11:17:23 PM
nevermind realized it's not yours.
AyeGuy  [Team Member]
3/27/2007 11:19:18 PM

Isn't that what Germans on familiar terms adress eachother as?
cookhj  [Member]
3/27/2007 11:21:29 PM
damn that's sexy
57Strat  [Team Member]
3/27/2007 11:23:12 PM

This Argentinian Mauser is the beauty at that link. Only $975. Most had the crest ground off. This one has it intact and it's in 99% condition. This particular Mauser is one of the highest quality Mausers ever made (made by DWM in Germany). The quality of this rifle is incredible. Someone please buy it before I get weak and order it.

Argentinian M.1909 Mauser