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 Dan Wesson Revolvers
Red_Beard  [Team Member]
1/30/2004 1:47:44 PM EDT
I've got an uncle looking to sell a revolver (to me, heh heh heh)

The only markings we can find on it are:

Dan Wesson Arms
.357 Magnum CTG
Monson, MA

plus the serial number

It's a six inch barrel, blued, checkered wooden grip. Looks to be in very good condition. Trigger feels ok and the cylinder locks up tight. Are these good guns? Any ideas as to what a price he could get if he put it up for sale (he said he'd sell it to me at a "fair price" if I help him find out what it's worth)? Are there hidden marks that I might not be seeing that give the specific model number?

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tc6969  [Team Member]
1/30/2004 2:17:00 PM EDT
Does it have a removable barrel? I know they are all removable but does it look like some weird looking tool could fit in around the muzzle crown?
Red_Beard  [Team Member]
1/30/2004 2:19:46 PM EDT
yep, he's got the wrench and a guage for swapping barrels no extra barrels though, only the six inch
KBaker  [Team Member]
1/30/2004 2:22:03 PM EDT
The quality of the early DW's (the company has gone through, I think, three iterations) is uneven. When they're good, they're excellent. When they're not (like mine) they're pretty junky. If his has been shot much and it still works well, then it's probably one of the good ones. My model 15 was the most accurate revolver I've ever shot. DW's are VERY popular with IHMSA (silhouette) shooters, so you know they're accurate. I'd ask to run a box of ammo through it before I bought it, though. Edited to add: I've got a 4" barrel with the light-weight shroud, if you're interested. And some Pachmeyer grips, too.
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HardShell  [Team Member]
1/30/2004 2:22:44 PM EDT
My latest Blue Book doesn't list model names/numbers for Dan Wesson revolvers - just general descriptions. The only Dan Wesson I own (a long-barrelled, ported, scoped .44MAG hunting revolver) doesn't have a model name or number that I can locate. [s]Did DW ever use model designations?[/s] Strike that - [b]KBaker[/b] above had a "Model 15." I'll have to look more closely at mine this weekend...
KBaker  [Team Member]
1/30/2004 2:38:21 PM EDT
I found this at GunsAmerica: []Dan Wesson 15-2VH[/url] Comes with a 6" heavy-shroud barrel and a 2" heavy shroud barrel. $389.00 Seems a little high, I think.
tc6969  [Team Member]
1/30/2004 2:50:54 PM EDT
I know the one youre talking about. I had one once.It was a DW that was put out under the Hi Standard name. It was a damn good gun, accurate as hell but had a .5lb SA trigger pull. I still see some around in various conditions from $150 to $250.
thedr13  [Member]
1/30/2004 3:34:18 PM EDT
A shooting buddy of mine had the complete set back in the late 80' with gun in S/S 2in,4in,6in,and 8in barrels and mutiple color sight inserts all in fitted foam. What a great gun it was. He still kicks himself in the ass for selling it. That kit is hard to find these days. [beer]
Red_Beard  [Team Member]
1/30/2004 5:31:04 PM EDT
well thanks for the input i'm going to go shoot it tomorrow and if it works out ok, I'll swap my tax return for it then I'll have to see about finding a 2" barrel for it
KBaker  [Team Member]
1/30/2004 5:35:39 PM EDT
Run three or four cylinders through double-action. The design of the model 15 makes the hammer fall early in double-action, and in mine I got a random misfire in DA, but never in SA. Even putting in a heavier main spring didn't help.
bobwrench  [Member]
1/30/2004 6:37:19 PM EDT
I have a Model 14 in .357 mag. The barrel shroud comes all the way to the bottom of the trigger guard. All the Model 15's I have seen the barrel schroud stop at about the top of the trigger guard. BTW I love this weapon. I have a 4" and a 2 1/2" Barrel. I use the 4" for backup while hunting and th 2 1/2" for CCW. With the houge grip it feels very comfortable to shoot. I have had mine for about 20 years and paid $295 used. Bobwrench
LeonardC  [Member]
1/30/2004 8:12:30 PM EDT
I bought a 15 in .357 with a 6" around '78 or '79 used for $150. It was the first gun I reloaded for and I shot it a lot. Very accurate. It finally got a bit loose and I sent it in and they replaced the crane and some other parts "under warranty" even though I offered to pay. They replaced the main spring and the trigger never was as "perfect" as it had been. It isn't 100% in DA, but I only shoot SA and it is 100% in that mode. I like the finger groove combat style grips called "Sacramento"; fit me just right. I think you can get parts and work done (for a price) for the older guns from the new company.
armabill  [Member]
1/31/2004 1:58:22 PM EDT
For a time, Dan Wesson did make fixed barrels as well as the removable ones.
HardShell  [Team Member]
2/2/2004 5:45:31 AM EDT
Originally Posted By HardShell: ...[s]Did DW ever use model designations?[/s] Strike that - [b]KBaker[/b] above had a "Model 15." I'll have to look more closely at mine this weekend...
Okay - mine is a "G44-V4", whatever that means. Don't know why I never saw that before. Does anyone know why the Blue Book doesn't list the model names/numbers?
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