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 Another Glock Follow Up
Sylvan  [Team Member]
2/26/2003 11:35:06 AM EST
spec it. [url][/url] Second to last post of the thread.
Been busy on some SHOT intel, mostly the curious circumstances surrounding the exit of their former Vice-President and Corporate Counsel Paul Jannuzzo, quoted above in this thread, and I gotta tell ya I have more respect for him now than I ever did. The week following SHOT (no need to look at your calendar, Jules, it's this week!) has traditionally been a hectic one for Glock, meetings, etc. But this year there was a major blood-letting: Jannuzzo was fired along with his fiancée, one Monica Berecky, a waitress who caught Gaston's eye somewhere in Europe. Shortly thereafter, Herr Glock brought her stateside and installed her as Glock, Inc.'s Human Resources Manager. (And here I had thought all along that Karl Walter had been responsible for Sharon Dillon, that "Perfect 10" gal of the early '90s!) For some reason, Gaston's off-again, on-again son-in-law Herbert Weikinger who serves as the International Sales Manager, persisted in making disparraging remarks about her… one can but speculate why. When he did it again last week, Paul clocked him. (I love it! For the honor of his Lady!) This did not sit well with the big boy, so exit Paul and Monica! Gaston's personal Kristallnacht apparently did not extend as far as National Sales Manager Rich Perkins, although he did have his personal effects boxed up, thinking that he was probably next! Not yet, at least. But yes, Paul's exit is being positioned as "he quit on Monday," with no mention of either the 60 Minutes interview or Herr Weikinger who, according to one source, has affected some sort of reconciliation with the former Fraulein Glock from whom he has been divorced. I suspect... intuitively... that Paul will next surface with the company which pioneered the Ibis "ballistic DNA" system, Forensic Technology of Montreal, which was featured in that 60 Minutes piece.
This isn't a normal gunboard. First I saw of it. but the guy posting is the admin of the board and uses his real name, for whatever that is worth. Looks like timing and nothing more to me. Check sig line. Yep, still there. Edited because I am a moron
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Dolomite  [Team Member]
2/26/2003 12:01:38 PM EST
Yep. That's Dean Speir. A lot of Glock-a-philes beleive he "invented" the kBoom! syndrome - truth is he just reports on it because nobody else in the firearms media trade has the balls to alienate [i]any[/i] manufacturer. He tells it like it is, for better or worse. Check out The Gun Zone - lots of good stuff: [url][/url] Still waiting for him to deliver his take on the whole BFing snafu...
Sylvan  [Team Member]
2/26/2003 12:11:27 PM EST
I enjoy the references to the kool aid drinkers (glock talk types.) They really are. If you read the upper part of the post, Jannuzzo's attitude was the same, "They will keep buying from us no matter what." We will see.