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 Does Fire Melt Snow, or Does Snow Put Out Fire?
ComputerGuy  [Member]
12/11/2002 9:14:14 PM EDT
You have a ball of fire. You have an equal size ball of snow. You combine the two together. Does the snow put out the fire, or does the fire melt the snow?
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DoubleFeed  [Team Member]
12/11/2002 9:49:56 PM EDT
Does fire have mass? How can you decide?
cretescreeder  [Member]
12/11/2002 9:58:14 PM EDT
It depends, Did you drink the jello before or after you ate the mushrooms. Edited to add [;)]
DrFrige  [Team Member]
12/11/2002 10:07:15 PM EDT
In all seriousness heat always travels from hot to cold...thats why refrigeration is OPPOSITE of what people think...IT DOES NOT COOL DOWN FOOD!!! IT SUCKS THE HEAT OUT OF IT! Same as with air conditioning... takes warm air, draws it across the evaporator where it removes the heat and spits out the air back out in the room. SO... by using that theory, the ball of ice puts out the flame. Cool huh?
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BaNo  [Team Member]
12/11/2002 10:12:46 PM EDT
fire has way more energy than the snow does not have energy. (these are examples not necessarly the correct values maybe uberdr0k err CD can input real values) fire is burning 500 joules of energy but it only takes 50 joules to convert h20 from solid to gas maybe im wrong, but i do know rock beats scissors and scissors beats paper therefor paper must beat rock
jadams951  [Team Member]
12/11/2002 10:26:45 PM EDT
Get a fire extuingisher and don't worry about it.
DoubleFeed  [Team Member]
12/11/2002 10:31:33 PM EDT
Call the fire department.
steenkybastage  [Member]
12/11/2002 10:57:30 PM EDT
Ok, what kind of fuel? You can have a fireball the size of your fist that will last a fraction of a second... or you could have a fist sized lump of rubber cement on fire (ooooohhhhh... those were the days!!!) that will last a long time... Now, with the first example, the snow wouldn't melt (from the fire), maybe a little... but it'd still be a roughly fist size snowball. The second example, if you can manage to keep the melting snow from putting out the flames (ex, holding the flaming rubber cement pyromaniathon thingamajig to the side of the snowball), the snowball has no chance. But the real question is... does a hell-sized snowball have a chance in hell? And dont get me started on how hot and cold don't exist... well, you can catch a cold.
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