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 Bedding SKS Stock?
Ikari  [Member]
11/13/2002 7:19:28 PM EDT
Anybody have any experience with this? I bought a synthetic stock for my SKS, but the fit really sucks. Receiver/Barrel slides back and forth quite a bit, it even popped out once while I was carrying it sling. I'd like to get a better fit to improve accuracy and make it feel more solid. Anybody had it done, or done it themselves? For DIY, I'm thinking vaseline on the barrel/receiver, then fill the stock w/ JB Weld, and fit the receiver in. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Imbroglio  [Member]
11/13/2002 10:19:30 PM EDT
I did EXTENSIVE modifications on a Chinese "red" synthetic stock to fit a Russian SKS. Lots of dremeling, sanding, epoxy. I posted the pics here of the work I had done. I was told "it is a drop in job and will be easy". Ya right. 1 week of work and all I got paid was $10 and a messed up Reflex sight.
deadeye47  [Member]
11/13/2002 10:23:15 PM EDT bed.....why?
Snorkel_Bob  [Member]
11/13/2002 10:30:04 PM EDT
Why not?
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Stokes  [Site Staff]
11/13/2002 10:32:00 PM EDT
"You can only polish a turd so much before the corn shows through."
magnum_99  [Member]
11/13/2002 10:33:16 PM EDT
In my misspent youth, I had a nice Russian SKS, made in 1953, that I put into a Ram-Line stock. (yeah, cheap as hell). Oh, I kept the wood stock with it and sold it all at a small profit about a year later. The fit was, shall we say,loose. I used some "plastic metal" you can pick up at any auto store. I filled in the area where the trigger guard snaps in. I used a little too much at first and had to work it down but ended up with a VERY tight fit. I also put a simmons scope on the thing with a no drill mount. That thing would shoot 1.5" groups at 100 yards after that. I shit you not. So, I bet you see an improvement just by getting a tight stock to receiver fit and with very little effort and expense.
deadeye47  [Member]
11/13/2002 10:39:02 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Stokes: "You can only polish a turd so much before the corn shows through."
deadeye47  [Member]
11/13/2002 10:48:52 PM EDT
I do like shooting mine though. I have two. One is a short so-called "Paratrooper" that takes AK mags...It's a hoot and is much more fun (and accurate!) than an AK....good luck Ikari...just yankin yer chain!
Zippy_The_Wonderdog  [Team Member]
11/13/2002 10:53:51 PM EDT
I'd say put the wood back to it. An sks is an sks is an sks. Put the wood furniture back on and appreciate it for what it is/was. A reliable, accurate enough for battle rifle that is a cold war relic that is kinda cool for what it is. And that's all. Save the specialty work for a firearm that will appreciate it.
Ikari  [Member]
11/14/2002 1:29:54 AM EDT
It's a Chinese SKS, so I assume the stock is made for a Russian SKS, as the dimensions are so different. The main reason I'm doing it is because the rifle [i]slides[/i] in the stock about 1/2" backwards when I pull the trigger, then it fires. This sliding is enough that the front of the stock slips out of the forend band on the barrel that holds it to the stock, and makes it easier for the stock and barrel to separate. A friend of mine was shooting it at the range here, I was talking with another shooter further down the line. I turn around, she's looking at me saying "Um, is this normal?" The rifle had worked its way most of the way out of the stock. The forend band was resting on top of the stock, the magazine had gone halfway up into the stock. Only thing holding it in place was where the trigger assembly squeezed the stock to the receiver. It had done the same thing once before with me, while I had been carrying it slung. That's the main thing I aim to fix. I just want to be able to carry the thing without needing a buddy walking behind me to pick up parts that fall off. If there's any increase in accuracy due to fixing the stock, that's a bonus. Zippy, I can't put the wood stock back on for the simple reason that I don't have it anymore. I picked the rifle up at a pawn shop and the stock was in terrible shape (also, I'm pretty tall, the stock was made for a little Chinese guy, so my thumb would hit me in the nose every time I fired the rifle with the original stock, hence the new stock both improved the look, and the way it handled). Tried to strip the finish off the wood stock in the hopes I could pretty it up, but the quality of wood was so horrible that I just threw it away. I mean I could pull chunks out of it with my [i]fingernails[/i].
BenDover  [Team Member]
11/14/2002 4:07:48 AM EDT
Never bedded one. Modified several. SKS are fun to play around with because they are so cheap and can be config'd a bunch of different ways. But, I'm not gonna' put a bunch of hardcore labor into it when I can go to AIM and get another one for $120.
Red_Beard  [Team Member]
11/14/2002 4:17:04 AM EDT
Originally Posted By Stokes: "You can only polish a turd so much before the corn shows through."
these turds look pretty nice: [url][/url]
GeneStoner  [Member]
11/14/2002 8:05:21 PM EDT
[img][/img] ya gotta like that classy script...
MadProfessor  [Member]
11/14/2002 8:14:18 PM EDT
I got a syn. stock like the ones in that pic at a fun show. Worked fine with little modification. Sold the gun before I could fire it with the stock on though.
deadeye47  [Member]
11/14/2002 8:27:54 PM EDT
Originally Posted By GeneStoner: [url][/url] ya gotta like that classy script...
Yeah... but if ya put an $800 set of Centerline wheels on a 1969 Volkswagen ....what cha got?[:D] Ok, Ok. they are pretty guns!
Troy  [Site Staff]
11/14/2002 11:42:40 PM EDT
I highly recommend the CHOATE SKS stock. It will fit much better, and it comes with a spacer for the guns with the shorter receivers. The ATI and Ramline stocks SUCK! -Troy
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