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 The FBI Wants to 'Advance the Science of Interrogation'
Troubl3shooter  [Team Member]
4/13/2012 7:57:25 AM EDT
Some ideas can't help but sound creepy. Like the FBI's new call for research which aims "to advance the science and practice of intelligence interviewing and interrogation." But what the hell does that mean?

The call for research actually comes from the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group—part of the FBI that generally keeps itself to itself. It's a specialist unit that prides itself on using the most advanced methods of interrogation to elicit information from detainees, most commonly about terrorist attacks.

This new call for research, then, is a way of ensuring that its methods stay firmly at the cutting edge. In particular, it details some specific areas of interest:

Fingerman Bureau of Interrogations? - TS
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FLAJD11  [Member]
4/13/2012 8:00:15 AM EDT
The Fifth Amendment. Use it.
wag_bag  [Team Member]
4/13/2012 8:16:40 AM EDT
bigstick61  [Team Member]
4/13/2012 9:05:24 AM EDT
Technology in the service of power is a dangerous thing that ought to be opposed or heavily overseen in all cases.
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LWilde  [Team Member]
4/13/2012 9:39:59 AM EDT
All they have to do is give the interrogation subject a nice shot of Versed, then sit back and watch the fun!

And I'm not kidding. Some of you already know this...
sigp226  [Team Member]
4/13/2012 9:46:17 AM EDT
There are obvious ethical questions raised by this:

  • Field quasi-experimental studies to evaluate the efficacy of new evidence-based interrogation, intelligence interview and debrief strategies and methods;

  • Laboratory studies to test and/or discover new interrogation, intelligence interview and debrief methods;

  • Laboratory or field studies to assess the validity of evidence-based interviewing, deception detection, and other relevant principles and/or methods across non-U.S. populations both with and without the use of interpreters;
Jarhead08  [Team Member]
4/13/2012 9:49:29 AM EDT
Start on Holder make him spill the beans on the administration.
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