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 Manure spreader for sale - Washington DC - Craigslist
kissfan  [Team Member]
4/2/2012 4:13:37 PM

Fifty year old manure spreader FOR FREE - ( Washington , D.C. )

Fifty-year old manure spreader. Not sure of brand. Said to have been produced in Hawaii but documents look forged but may be made in Kenya . Used for a few years in Indonesia before being smuggled into the US via Hawaii . Of questionable pedigree. Does not appear to have ever been worked very hard. Apparently it was pampered by various owners over the years. It doesn't work very often, but when it does it can really spread the manure and sling it for amazing distances. Unfortunately it is extremely costly to operate. It also comes with a very loud motor which gulps down the oil and grease and is even more expensive to operate. Backfires and whines a lot and always seems to be in vacation mode. Sign on motor looks to be Moochie Brand, I am hoping to retire this manure spreader and motor next November and don't really don't want it hanging around getting in the way. I would prefer a foreign buyer that is willing to relocate this manure spreader out of the country. I would be willing to trade this manure spreader for a nicely framed copy of the United States Constitution.

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dex357  [Team Member]
4/2/2012 4:15:50 PM
Very nice.
oldschool63  [Team Member]
4/2/2012 4:16:26 PM
OIF_Vet08-09  [Team Member]
4/2/2012 4:26:45 PM
Major burn
davisac  [Team Member]
4/2/2012 4:28:31 PM
Good one. Won't last long though.
Bubbles  [Team Member]
4/2/2012 4:33:00 PM
Hey it's been up for over an hour!
dalesimpson  [Team Member]
4/2/2012 5:14:52 PM
Nominated for best of craiglist
bowbender7  [Team Member]
4/2/2012 5:24:22 PM
Originally Posted By dalesimpson:
Nominated for best of craiglist

Yeah, nobody even has to jo on some kids train set with silly crabmeant for a reward

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