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 COC/Rules Change
bigsapper  [Team Member]
12/17/2010 6:33:24 AM EDT
Is it possible that (going forward) if there is a change to the COC and/or EE rules, a notation is made next to the change with the date the change was made? Also that the subject/title/header to such include the last changed date? This would be helpful for us "old-timers" to know that they need to re-read the site's terms before they step on their ...

Another forum I'm a member of requires all users to acknowledge and agree to the terms of service whenever there is a change made, before they may resume using the forum.

Just a thought.
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GoufCustom  [Team Member]
12/20/2010 3:14:46 PM EDT
Nice Idea!
AJSully421  [Team Member]
2/10/2011 12:15:32 AM EDT
Not to hijack... but in addition to this, I'd also like for all of the "unofficial" rules to be posted SOMEWHERE.

Such as:

No hourglassing
No <~CTD> edits
no cool story bro

Things like this.
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