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 HTF based EE
rfm05  [Team Member]
12/15/2010 12:51:38 PM EDT
I think an EE sub-forum under each HTF would be great for those states that allow FTF transactions.
Anyone else agree?
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sd_norske  [Team Member]
12/15/2010 12:54:18 PM EDT
Take a look at the top of the page in your HTF.
rfm05  [Team Member]
12/15/2010 12:56:50 PM EDT
Mods- please delete. I am a ra-tard.
GoufCustom  [Team Member]
12/20/2010 3:19:37 PM EDT
Call me stupid but what is HTF?

HTFHappy Tree Friends
HTFHighway Trust Fund
HTFHard To Find
HTFHeat Transfer Fluid
HTFHow To Fight
HTFHyper-G Text Format
HTFHardlines Technology Forum (American Hardware Manufacturers Association)
HTFHit the Floor (band)
HTFHoefler Type Foundry (New York typography foundry)
HTFHard To Follow
HTFHelium Test Facility
HTFHeadline Task Force
HTFHalf The Fight (punk rock band)
HTFHorizontal Test Facility
HTFHanford Tank Farm
HTFHiawatha Temporary Facility (Michigan Department of Corrections)
HTFHarmonic Tight Frame
HTFHow the Freak (polite form)
HTFHeterogenic Thought Fiction (band)
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sd_norske  [Team Member]
12/20/2010 3:32:42 PM EDT
HTF = Home Town Forum
GoufCustom  [Team Member]
12/20/2010 3:35:07 PM EDT
Originally Posted By sd_norske:
HTF = Home Town Forum

Makes more sense than my googlefu, I hate acronyms and texting short cuts, so I am ignorant of them. Figures I would for the government the ultimate lover of acronyms...
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