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M4tty  [Team Member]
10/23/2010 8:42:25 AM EST
Is it not enabled?
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SurvivingAZ  [Team Member]
10/31/2010 8:49:36 PM EST
I would really like to have Arfcom become tapatalk emabled, sites flow so much smoother and mobile surfing is amazing. Please consider it!

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IzzyIsaac  [Team Member]
12/4/2010 3:36:03 PM EST
Yeah, this site is too large and too many active members online at any given time to NOT have tapatalk enabled our its own app for at least Android and iphone. It is hard for me to believe that there isn't anybody capable of making this happen!

I would most definitely be more active mobile if so!

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umc  [Life Member]
12/7/2010 4:14:31 PM EST
Any update site admin???