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 Alex Coville's "Pacific" (painting which inspired a part of Heat)
Wombat_SCSO  [Team Member]
7/3/2008 7:38:55 PM EST
There was a thread a while back about this painting. It was Michael Mann's inspiration for the scene in Heat where DeNiro comes home and sets his USP on the table and walks to the window.

Everyone wanted a print or copy of it. Well, here's how I did it:

Save this picture:

Go to Full Size Posters

Upload it there, select the size you want. When you go to order, it will tell you there will be distortion/pixelating/blur (I forget how they phrased it) because of the resolution and you're ordering at your own risk. Click that you accept anyway.

I ordered 30"x30" for a total of $29.44 with shipping. Went to Michael's (craft store) for a do-it-yourself frame and Lowe's for the plexiglass.

Here's the final product. It will look even better when we paint the walls blue in a few weeks.

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triburst1  [Team Member]
7/6/2008 5:46:25 PM EST
Cool, thanks. I had that as my desktop at one time, but the version I had was lower res.

BTW, DeNiro carried a Sig P220 and Val Kilmer had the USP.
Wombat_SCSO  [Team Member]
7/6/2008 9:33:53 PM EST

Originally Posted By triburst1:
BTW, DeNiro carried a Sig P220 and Val Kilmer had the USP.

Watch it again.

He uses a USP at the truck stop AND the drive-in.

Here's the scene inspired by the painting: