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 Christmas Lunch in the DFAC
JJ1234567  [Member]
12/25/2010 5:50:47 AM EST
for those of you who were lucky enough to make it into the DFAC today (and a my thoughts are with those in the field today), who enjoyed their undercooked turkey? I smile at least they try! Its also nice to see the BC handing out mashed potatoes. Merry Christmas to my brothers and sisters in Afghan-land and Northern Iraq. Stay safe!
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cbienlein  [Member]
12/25/2010 10:52:26 PM EST
line was so fucking long i didnt even bother going
Bettendorf  [Team Member]
12/26/2010 3:42:36 AM EST
Undercooked, huh? I had overcooked. I took a couple of bites, eat the corn bread stuffing and some cocktail shrimp and then moved the fuck out. Like you said, at least they tried. They must have spend weeks on some of the displays.
cvtrpr  [Team Member]
12/26/2010 3:51:36 AM EST
Mine was undercooked too. I only ate the top half..
Vegitan  [Team Member]
12/26/2010 4:47:59 AM EST
My turkey was fine, bread, stuffing and pretty much everything else sucked. Wonder how much better the food would have been if they hadn't wasted all that time make food displays. I know it's a big deal for them and they do get extra funding for this meal and Thanksgiving too, but rather have them concentrate on making the food instead of hanging decorations and making and decorating massive sheet cakes.

Merry Christmas!
2000Z3M  [Team Member]
12/27/2010 4:51:49 AM EST
best meal i have had here in a month
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