Federal/ATK Wound Ballistic Workshops

Arfcom user Molon points out the following facts about testing of the 64gr Speer Gold Dot rifle ammo in the above workshops:

"Im going to assume that you are referring to the ATK Wound Ballistic Workshop at Fort Collins on 6-26-08. Please correct me if my assumption is false. That Workshop has a major credibility issue regarding the 64 grain Gold Dot data. As you stated, the test weapon was a 16 barreled RRA LAR-15. The Workshop reported a velocity of 2575 fps for the 64 grain Gold Dot fired from said 16 barrel.

Now, look at the data from the ATK Wound Ballistic Workshop at Aurora on 6-24-08. This Workshop reports the velocity of the 64 grain Gold Dot as exactly 2575 fps, when fired from a (Colt) Commando with an 11 barrel. It would be next to impossible for two different barrels with a difference in length of 5 to produce the exact same velocity with the 64 grain Gold Dot. It's obvious that the velocity data for the 64 grain Gold Dot from one or both of the Workshops is false.

Since the Workshops failed to accurately determine/record something as basic as the velocity for the 64 grain Gold Dot, I question the validity of any of the Workshops' reported data for the 64 Grain Dot; especially something as crucial as the penetration depth. We know that DocGKR strictly adheres to the established protocols for terminal ballistic testing and I consider his penetration results for the 64 grain Gold Dot to be the current standard for this load."

While I would generally say that the results in the workshops are trustworthy, it's still important to view them with a critical eye.