Speer 200gr +P .45ACP

All information on this page provided by Doctor Gary Roberts

.45 ACP +P Speer 200gr GDHP (53969, lot #48621); Average velocity = 1008 fps (S&W 4566); gel cal=8.5cm@588fps

  Penetration Recovered Diameter Recovered Length Recovered Weight
Bare Gelatin 11.0" 0.72" 0.35" 200.4gr
4-layer denim 18.2" 0.55" 0.54" 199.6gr

As has been reported for many years, the Speer Gold Dot .45 ACP 200 gr +P JHP is NOT recommended for duty use. This load has demonstrated numerous failures to expand both in lab testing and in actual officer involved shooting incidents; it also has exhibited numerous failures to feed and function in a variety of .45 ACP pistol types.